A Disaster

Which is which?


I don’t really know what’s worse. Yung taong manggagamit who will

do anything and everything to get what they want. Doesn’t really

care about whose expense.


Or someone na pumapayag mag pagamit (not physically ha) na alam

nyang masama na ang nangyayari pero stands by the sidelines while

the manggagamit wreaks havoc on everyone and leaves a trail of disaster on its wake.

Either because its a decision not do anything or just because that person

has no backbone.


Either way it’s a disaster.. I don’t know what I’ll choose if I have to pick which

side I want to be in.


I have a friend who for many years wanted to tell me that
she wasn’t into men she was scared that I was a homophobic.
We were really close and people were always asking me
if she was straight of course she was I would tell them that she was.
I remember even in college some classmates were telling me
that she wasn’t straight but I defended her and last October
she came out and told me that what people were saying about
her was true all along.

I did tell her that she made me feel so stupid because
I was the last to know. I tell her almost everything and
anything about meand yet something as major as this she wouldn’t
tell me because she doesn’t think I would understand
She said that she always wanted to tell me.

Why didn’t I learn from the past? this has happened before
to another person in my life. She was always hanging
out with this girl. The girl was always at her house and
people were asking me if they were together and
I would tell themthat it’s really not nice to put malice
onthe actions of other people.

I simply refusedto believe that she wasn’t straight.
I never asked her because if it were true I was
hoping that she would tell me.

Until we attended a support group meeting and that
was where she casually told the other people
there that she had a girlfriend. I almost fell out
of my chair and if i was drinking something
i almost surely spit it out.

Am I homophobic? I don’t think so.I have friends and
relatives who are gay and lesbians.I accept them for who
they are but I admire them for being true to themselves.

I know i’m rambling here.. maybe next time I hear
something about a friend maybe I could just ask
them straight up if it’s true or not so that
I wouldn’t be the last to know