I Love You

I hugged Joshwa and gave him a big kiss and

told him. I Love You Joshwa then he looked
at me with his big brown eyes and said
I love you right back at me and went back
to the bedroom to watch TV. I’m still in shock.
I love you forever! I like you for always
As long as i’m living my baby you’ll be.

Book Geek??

I joined the Fully Booked Geek Club Trivia contest.

I didn’t expect that I’d get everything right. Now
they want me to go Fully Booked sometime in FEB
for a Geek Club contest.
The winner will win a 5k gift cert and will have
the title for Book Geek of the Month. The problem
is i’m not sure I want to join.I joined because I thought
it’s all going to be online. I have this thing about crowd
and tests. What a combination!!! My friend once said
that if you join a contest you have to be in it to win it.
Yikes!!!!What if I can’t get anything right? What if I show with
a bag covering my face. Sort of looking like this:
Photo Credits From: www.singsnap.com
Now that’s a nice thought.

My Sister

My sister in town. She’ll be here for a month.

While I’m really not close to her for reasons
I don’t want to elaborate on. I want us to be
a bit closer. I don’t know how. I don’t know
where to start. All I know is that we both
like Twilight. I sent her 2 of my best
shirts. I hope she’ll like them rebuilding
takes time. I also don’t want to force anything.
It will make it seem like its not genuine. 
Slowly but surely with baby steps I’m sure
we’ll get there eventually

Definitely in Therapy

Joshwa will definitely do the therapy.
Doesn’t matter if kulang ang provision
God will provide. Nakawala si Joshwa this is more
serious nakalabas na sya nang building namin.
Whatever misgivings I had about the therapy
and whether or not we can afford it. Went out the door.
Joshwa’s safety is very important but his yaya
cannot be there for him 24/7. He needs to be trained
that just because the door is open or the key is there
means that he will go out.

Therapy Mode

Joshwa will be going back to therapy mode this week.
Yey! He will be doing aqua therapy.According to


Among the range of interventions that a recreational therapist might choose, one unique and very successful alternative for individuals with autism is aquatic therapy. Water activities provide autistic children with proprioceptive and tactile input. Children with Autism have significant sensory difficulties, and are very distractible. These children over or under react to stimuli in their environment and have very strong reactions to certain textures. The warm water provides a safe and supported environment, which not only supports the children, but also provides them with hydrostatic pressure that surrounds their body in the water. This pressure actually soothes and calms the children, providing the necessary sensory input they crave.

Children with Autism present significant safety risks when in the pool. Their lack of response to verbal commands, and their distractible nature can present great challenges for even the most careful therapists. It is essential to maintain intense supervision of these clients at all times, particularly in an aquatic environment. Another factor to consider when providing aquatic therapy is the high rate of seizure disorder that is common in children with Autism.

Very soon he will also ABA. I really want him to go to A Child Can.
I really, really hope we can afford it. 15K a month is no joke.
Yan pa yung minimum na 3x a week na therapy nila.
They’re the best talaga and i’m sure i’ll get what we pay for.
Another problem is saan kukuha ng pambayad.

On another note..nakakalungkot pa.. talagang hostage kaming mga
magulang. Mag tataas sila ng rate kung di na sila ma afford they’ll
say BYE BYE just like that.That is a very sad reality. The moment
that you remove the concern and the care. They stop caring
and then one day you wake up and you find out that
They dropped you like a very,very hot potato.

Sorry to be ranting as a parent . Parang feeling
ko sumisikip na ang mundo ng anak ko. I’m now
starting to get stares from people. Minsan napapaaway
na ako kasi how about a little compassion. Minsan
from Joshwa’s own relatives nakakarinig ako ng
masakit na comments.

Like I know of someone in Philbert’s family
whose son has symptoms of Autism. They
say GDD( Global Developmental Delay)
okay fine but still disability pa rin. He is so hyper
and some people are encouraging the parents to
do something because he’s still non verbal.

May nag react from his family delayed lang anak
nila mas malalala pa daw si Joshwa sa bata na yun.
I was really so affected. Sobra ako naawa sa kanila
kasi ignorante sila and sobra din ako na hurt for my son.
I did not comfront them because I didn’t want to
stoop down to their level. Denial is a very lonely place
to live in

Happy Birthday Andrea

Today is Andie’s 9th Birthday.
We should have been eating cake and celebrating.
I miss her so much! The ache doesn’t seem to go away.
I received a message from her biological mom and She wants
to talk to me. Sumasakit ang ulo nya kay Andrea was
her message. Naawa ako kay Andrea. It’s hard to
grow up without a mom. Di puedeng basta kung sino
lang mag aalaga. I miss you Andie! Just because
we’re not together doesn’t mean that you’re not
my daughter anymore.

Anecdote About Joshwa

Joshwa is still non-verbal BUT lately he has start to be using

his words to express how he feels.
This is the scenario:
Daddy is giving Joshwa a haircut.
Joshwa starts  complaining and says ANO BA! ANO BA!
Daddy still cuts Joshwa’s hair. Joshwa starts
singing this song. He finished the whole song.
Was so surprised because I don’t even know
where he learned this song.

Performer: Rico J. Puno

Bakit ba ganyan
ang buhay ng tao
mayro’ng mayaman
may api sa mundo
kapalaran kung hanapin
‘di matagpuan
at kung minsa’y lumalapit
nang ‘di mo alam

o bakit kaya
may ligaya’t lumbay
sa pag-ibig
may bigo’t tagumpay
‘di malaman ‘di maisip
kung anong kapalaran
sa akin ay naghihintay