Book Geek??

I joined the Fully Booked Geek Club Trivia contest.

I didn’t expect that I’d get everything right. Now
they want me to go Fully Booked sometime in FEB
for a Geek Club contest.
The winner will win a 5k gift cert and will have
the title for Book Geek of the Month. The problem
is i’m not sure I want to join.I joined because I thought
it’s all going to be online. I have this thing about crowd
and tests. What a combination!!! My friend once said
that if you join a contest you have to be in it to win it.
Yikes!!!!What if I can’t get anything right? What if I show with
a bag covering my face. Sort of looking like this:
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Now that’s a nice thought.

My Sister

My sister in town. She’ll be here for a month.

While I’m really not close to her for reasons
I don’t want to elaborate on. I want us to be
a bit closer. I don’t know how. I don’t know
where to start. All I know is that we both
like Twilight. I sent her 2 of my best
shirts. I hope she’ll like them rebuilding
takes time. I also don’t want to force anything.
It will make it seem like its not genuine. 
Slowly but surely with baby steps I’m sure
we’ll get there eventually

Happy Birthday Andrea

Today is Andie’s 9th Birthday.
We should have been eating cake and celebrating.
I miss her so much! The ache doesn’t seem to go away.
I received a message from her biological mom and She wants
to talk to me. Sumasakit ang ulo nya kay Andrea was
her message. Naawa ako kay Andrea. It’s hard to
grow up without a mom. Di puedeng basta kung sino
lang mag aalaga. I miss you Andie! Just because
we’re not together doesn’t mean that you’re not
my daughter anymore.


Yes third time is definitely a charm. After watching 2 MMFF movies
I decided that Baler would make or break my patronage
of Philippine movies.

I won’t go into the technical details since I don’t really
write movie reviews too lazy to go into Who,what,when,where,why’s
of the movie. I love the movie! If it’s one movie
that is worth anyone’s time and money this is really the
movie to watch. Initially, I was in shocked that they
would cast someone like Anne because she looks mestiza
and Jericho doesn’t look like he is Mestizo. But It really
worked. I loved Philip Salvador’s acting full of anger and
pain and struggling with his past. Rio Locsin is also great
in her role as a mom struggling to balance her husband
and with understanding and supporting her kids.

I really love this movie. The ending I didn’t like but it was
a good twist. I was really about to lose it and sniffing
and trying to hold it together during the whole time because
sort of felt her pain the anguish of not being able to see your
loved one. So near and yet so far.

Then there was this scene where Anne said Mahirap,Mahirap na Mahirap
then Jericho says Kayanin mo para kayanin mo. That scene did it for
me right there. I was holding back the sobs..then by the time
the ending was there I was this crazy crying woman. That rarely
even happens for me to be moved by a movie.

Tanging Ina (Another Movie Review)

I rate this movie a 6/10. Puede na rin. Kung gusto mo lang
matawa then I guess it’s okay. Pero there are some things
that I didn’t like because there are parts of the movie
that would not and will never make sense. Another thing
i don’t like is the forced love theme and the forced
dramatic scenes. Puede nang wala na yun and another
annoying part is the ad placement. Halatang halata eh.
But over all it imparts a lesson or two.