My Nephew is All Grown Up



My dear nephew Brox is all grown up. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was helping my sister take care of him. He’s now 14 and is really tall of course very handsome. He’s the one on the extreme right wearing a black shirt.


Permanent by David Cook

Is this the moment where I look you in the eye?

Forgive my broken promise that you`ll never see me cry

And everything, it will surely change even if 

I tell you I won`t go away today


Will you think that you`re all alone

When no one`s there to hold your hand?

And all you know seems so far away and everything is temporary rest your head

I`m permanent


I know he`s living in hell every single day

And so I ask Oh God is there some way for me to take his place

And when they say it`s all touch and go I wish I could make it go away

But still you say


Will you think that you`re all alone when no one`s there to hold your hand?

When all you know seems so far away and everything is temporary, rest your head

I`m permanent

I`m permanent


Is the moment where i look you in the eye?

Forgive my promise that you`ll never see me cry.

LP 58: Lahat Ay Payak ( All is Simple)

parentsIto ang aking mga magulang na si Gandhi at Rescy Bhagwani. Sa Larawan na kinunan ko sila ay nagdiwang nang kanilang ika 30 (tatlumpung taon) bilang mag asawa.

Translation: (T) These are my parents  Gandhi and Rescy Bhagwani. In this photo that I took they celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary.

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My cousins and I went to the David Cook and David Archuleta concert. I was remembering Ate and Kuya’s wedding anniversary when suddenly.David Archuleta belted out  A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton this song was used in their  wedding video. Totally freaked me out!!!!Then after that he sang the song “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan.Which freaked me out even more..

10 Emerging Influential Blogs


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A Warning

This was written by my sister. I’m posting this here to warn everyone about it.

hey everyone,

i was on ym, chatting with a friend the other night. she asked me to turn on my webcam, and sent me a file. When i opened the file, it asked me to log on to my yahoo mail. When i talked to her abt it the next day, she said she wasn’t even online. And then one of my contacts in ym emailed me and said someone tried to scam him using my ym account. Apparently, “I” was asking him to buy a bunch of Globe prepaid phone cards. Luckily, this friend of mine is smart enough to know I speak better English than this person pretending to be me. Anyway, my friend figured out that it wasn’t me and challenged this impostor. The asshole even offered to turn on his/her webcam to prove it’s really “me.” I guess the webcam broadcast was being recorded, I really don’t know. So just be careful with people sharing files thru ym.. If ur being asked to log in, DON”T! My friend knew better and instead of agreeing to view the webcam, he asked the impostor to tell him something I would know about him, and when the asshole couldn’t, he cussed him out. I don’t know if any of you have received same messages from me. If you have, I apologize for the confusion and the inconvenience. Pls. know that i will NEVER try to sell anything or ask any of you to get me stuff. So yeah, even if the webcam is on, just ignore or better yet, cuss the person out. thanks.