Depression in the Recession

Times are certainly tough nowadays you hear of people killing themselves and sometimes they kill their whole family as well.  Depression is not very talked about here. Going to the psychiatrist is still frowned upon here and people are still ashamed to talk about their struggles with Depression. The recession or the global financial crisis can also trigger or make a person’s depression much worse than it already is.

Some people lose their jobs which is their only sources of income which sometimes causes a downward spiral.

I want to learn about disease symptoms of depression. I really believe that being  forewarned is forearmed.  There is not a lot of information on what to do when It strikes which is the scary part.

Really wish Filipinos can be open to Depression as a disease and not something that you can look loosely.Really wish we could have sites that could help us.

Check out the latest on the Amen Clinics in the Media and learn about disease symptoms and how to cure ailments. Check out Dr. Amen’s profile here for more information.

Travel Plans

My family loves to travel. We make it a point to go out of town once a year to explore off the beaten tracks. Nothing like a new adventure for me. Exploring new places, eating new food and meeting new people. What’s not to love about travelling right?

When I’m travelling I make it a point to find out what to expect and to really map out the itinerary. It makes exploring the new place so much easier. The internet is also a great resource for planning.

Speaking of travelling my in laws are planning to travel to another country for a vacation. Destination is still unknown but they left the details of their travels to me. Although my inlaws are both senior citizens. I don’t think that they are too old to enjoy Puerto Vallarta adventures. I can’t wait to start planning their vacation and to see the photos of their great adventure .

A New Phone

I’m in the market for a new cell phone for Adrianne’s yaya.The thing is I just can’t seem to find the time to just go out  and canvass for the right kind of cell phone that will suit her  needs. Trying to find a balance is such a challenge It has to be something that I can afford and not yet not too cheap that it won’t last her a year.

The internet has now become a great source for people like me. I have to admit I’m a big fan marketplace websites because they help me offer value for money which is really needed for times like this.Another thing that I like is that they give value to seller and buyer feedback which keeps people in line.  I have heard about Ayos Dito so I decided to take a peek at their website. I was very impressed with the home page.

ayosjg_edited Of course aside from the name itself it really tells the viewer that this website can service people from the Philippines. It’s like a better version of Craigslist because it’s not too cluttered. But I really wished that they had a category section aside from the search section.  This website does have great potential I hope they can just work out the kinks.