Idiot Drivers Need To Go To Jail

I’m really upset at the Richard Gutierrez issue of reckless driving. Bottomline it’s his fault why his assistant died and he deserves to go to jail for that. It doesn’t matter if he almost died during the accident the point is he was driving and it doesn’t change the fact that because of his stupidity one family was shattered.

I feel so strongly about this.My SIL, BIL and Nephew passed away in a tragic car accident. Because of some idiot drunk driver.

The problem with him is he lacks accountability and the other part that upset me the most is the lack of remorse. I read his interviews in PEP.I was I was disgusted to say the least because his reasoning was very flimsy. He filed a lawsuit against PEP for libel to the tune of 25M which no one died for. He can’t even cough up money to give restitution to the P.A.’s family. This is the one that some of the kids look up to. He’s a really, really bad example.

The P.A.’s family were the once who had a greater loss  the parents lost a son, the kids lost a father and the wife lost a husband. He and  his family is minimizing the widow’s  pain by saying she’s after his money. I don’t even think this is about the money anymore. This is about justice and I applaud the wife for filing the case despite the fact that she knows that this is not going to be easy.

He needs to learn a lesson and I hope he doesn’t learn it the hard way.


My bestfriend Ginger just had a new baby boy. They named him Zachary  Iñigo.He is so adorable and really ALMOST made me wish we had another baby which of course caused Philbert to palpitate.

Ginger is so amazing as a mommy it’s as if she was born to be a mommy. She dotes on her kids and has  a mile long of patience despite having just given birth and the kids fiighting over who gets to hold the baby.Don’t you just love how mommyhood changes you.

There are no words to describe my friendship with Ginger she’s been my best friend for so many years and we never had a single fight.We never run out of things to talk about. Married Life,Mommy-hood and family life always gives us a lot of material to talk about.

I always feel guilty for letting the issue of distance hamper me from not visiting her. She lives in Muntinlupa and neither one of us knows how to drive. We’re a bunch of sissy’s I tell you.. We panic right away which makes us really bad candidates for drivers.. To my dear BFF Ginger know that in my heart you are more than that to me. Here’s a photo of the new mommy and her baby: