As part of the Fitness challenge that I joined in I was given a slot to join the Barre3 Class at The Spa.Spa in Bonifacio High Street. Conveniently located beside shops and restaurants in the middle of The Fort. So it wasn’t really hard to find.

When I first entered I had to register and get my locker key. I love the scent of peppermint that welcomed me.

Surprisingly the teacher Marie Calica was someone who I went to school with. She wasn’t my batchmate.I think she was 2 or 3 batches ahead. I’m really surprised that she even recognized me.

I was impressed by the looks of the studio. It really looked like a ballet studio. It had bars and mirrors placed on its walls.

There were 5 of us which was the perfect class size for me.

The class started with small, slow movements. We stretched and moved, slowly, but as the workout progressed, our muscles, for some weird he reason, felt somewhat tense. We were made to focus and stretch. In the end we finally accomplished a full body workout!

Barre3 is a workout class which combines Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. Only for 60 minutes, its purpose is to improve posture, increase muscular strength, stamina and flexibility. I highly recommend it to men and women who want to become stronger through stretching and movement.

Here are some of the benefits of Barre3:
Builds longer, leaner muscles and a strong core.

  • Energizes and increases stamina.
  • Develops muscle balance leading to a well-proportioned body with less risk for injury.
  • Increases flexibility and creates a natural flow to the body.
  • Precise instruction for each client improves results (without the cost of a personal trainer).
  • Motivating group environment builds connections and community, both important in making exercise a regular part of life.
  • Efficient 60-minute total body workout with child care makes it easy to fit into a busy schedule.
  • Connects mind, body and breath and relieves stress.

Barre3 classes are available at The Spa, Fort Bonifacio and Alabang. They have morning, afternoon and evening sessions. You may contact them through:

Barre3 at The Spa Alabang : 8503490/8506836
Barre3 at The Spa Wellness at the Fort: 4035994/ 856-5858 to 6868

*Barre3 is offering a free trial session for first timers. To reserve your slot, please call either The Spa Alabang or The Spa Wellness at the Fort.

Weight Loss 101

The key to permanently losing weight is simple: burn more calories than you consume! That’s all there is to it! If your body is burning 2000 calories a day, you simply need to burn MORE than that in order for your body to start burning off your bodyfat. Considering your body is burning calories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just to maintain it’s essential functions, that’s not a whole lot. But before we get into anything too complicated, lets take a step back and take a look at some of the basics for maintaining a healthy body. Continue reading »

Confessions of a Wannabe Shoe-A-Holic

I wanted to be a shoe-a-holic. I love my flip flops but deep in my heart I want to wear decent shoes. I don’t even own a decent pair of shoes.I want to be able to relate to conversations about shoes and really say something really smart .I have a pair of sneakers that needs to be replaced. I want something that says girlie,I want to wear something with heels. I’m just not sure if I’ll be a danger to others or myself.I want to be able to prove this theory that most women prefer to trip to hell in high heels than to walk flat-heeled to heaven.

The last time I took time out to buy a pair of shoes that has heels was when I went out to buy my wedding shoes. I also want to buy a pair of  Bike Shoes that I can use when I’m attend my spinning class. It might really help me to lose weight

Speaking of losing weight another option would be running . Lately, I’ve been hearing so much about it so much that I’m reading about it. I’m aware that running can assist people in losing weight and staying in shape. Different speeds and distances are appropriate for different individual health and fitness levels. For new runners, it takes time to get into shape.The most important thing that you need to purchase is a great pair of  Running Shoes. Which I hope is not as expensive a pair of Golf Shoes.

Blogging to The Next Level

As a bloggger I know that there’s more to learn and there is so much room that is needed for improvement.I understand that if I want to move on to the next level of  my blogging career. I need to also do my homework and do my research on Internet marketing. As a blogger the next level in blogging will be earning dollars in terms of online advertising, affiliate marketing commission to name a few.To improve your knowledge it’s important to go to seminars and talks like the Asia Internet Congress. It will be your chance to learn from basic to advanced of Internet Marketing strategies and tips From MEGA Successful Internet Entrepreneurs. You will also have a chance to interact with the speakers and have your questions answered. You’ll get more than what you paid for. Continue reading »

Fairy Godmother

My friend’s daughter will be baptized next month and I was told that I was going to  be one of the Godmothers. It’s an honor and I take the job very seriously. I know that being a godmother is being a partner of the parent in raising their child.

I’m also deciding on what to give the baby as a gift. Do I go all out and give her a stroller? How about a crib with a changing station or a Bassinet where she can sleep during the day?I wanted to get her a play gym too.

I still couldn’t decide on what to get her. So I decide to ask her what she wanted. She told me that she needed a high chair after all.

Shows I'd Like To See

The Pink Floyd Experience- When you say Pink Floyd you can’t think about it and say it out loud without using words like “psychedelic”, “conceptual” and “provocative”. This  shows is described as being theatrical with mind-blowing lights and unsurpassed sound. And their music cannot be referred to without making mention of their record breaking status. Without question Pink Floyd remains one of the most influential rock bands of all time. No easy feat to bring such a story to the stage…This show is for  the ultimate Floyd fan, and it’s called…The Pink Floyd Experience. I just hope that I can still buy GENESEE THEATRE TICKETS Continue reading »

Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

By: Lynn Grieger

There are lots of reasons why I enjoy a hot cup of tea: I love the aroma of various flavors of tea; holding onto a hot tea mug warms my hands on a cold winter morning; sipping tea in front of the fireplace is a great way to relax. And those are just the feel-good reasons. If you’re not drinking tea yet, read up on these 10 ways tea does your body good and then see if you’re ready to change your Starbucks order!
1. Tea contains antioxidants. Like the Rust-Oleum paint that keeps your outdoor furniture from rusting, tea’s antioxidants protect your body from the ravages of aging and the effects of pollution.
2. Tea has less caffeine than coffee. Coffee usually has two to three times the caffeine of tea (unless you’re a fan of Morning Thunder, which combines caffeine with mate, an herb that acts like caffeine in our body). An eight-ounce cup of coffee contains around 135 mg caffeine; tea contains only 30 to 40 mg per cup. If drinking coffee gives you the jitters, causes indigestion or headaches or interferes with sleep — switch to tea.

Lead me out of Temptation

Lead me out of Temptation was my battle cry when we went out to lunch with my parents.  I couldn’t even tell them that I was on a diet because I didn’t want to spoil anyone’s mood.  Most of all mine!!!! What I did was to eat small portions ate vegetables and I  drank alot of house tea at least I won’t have to eat so much.

Exercise Routine

Because I want to lower my sugar I figured that I need to exercise. Here’s my game plan.

Three times a week I’ll go swimming. Even if I don’t know how to swim. A couple of dog paddles will do I think. Going home instead of using the elevator I’ll use the stairs. Twice a week I’ll use the treadmill in the GYM. I hope I can really see this through.