Spaghetti with Tuna in White Sauce

I have several Special Food Recipes for Lent and Spaghetti with Tuna in White Sauce is one of those recipes.

This is very good. In spite of the rather fussy introduction and directions, this is a very easy dish to make. Bold flavors in a very light sauce: substantial and satisfying, good warm-weather alternative to spaghetti carbonara. Continue reading »

Black Propaganda

According to Inquirer Presidential candidate Manuel Villar ‘s hold on the poor is weakening and the backing of Benigno Aquino III has given Aquino a clear lead over Villar, this statement according to results of a nationwide survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) this month.

At the same time there is also a rise in support by the rich and middle class for Aquino and huge dip in the support for Villar. This is seen from the 6 percentage points from 34 percent in February to 28 percent in the SWS survey conducted from March 19 to 22.

The rating of Aquino, Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate, has increased by just 1 point to 37 percent, but this arrested for the first time the steady decline in his ratings over the past four months, according to the newspaper Business World, which has the exclusive right of first publication of the survey results.

The survey had a margin of error of plus-or-minus 2.2 percentage points for national figures. SWS conducted a survey for 2,100 registered voters nationwide—300 in Metro Manila and 600 each in the rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao—whom they would vote for president if elections were held at the time. The respondents were asked to privately fill out a ballot containing the names of the official candidates in alphabetical order.  The margin of error was plus-or-minus 6 points for Metro Manila and plus-or-minus 4 points for the three other areas.

Loss of support for Villar was stark among those in Class ABC, with his rating plunging 16 points, from 33 to 17 percent. Aquino’s rating jumped from 30 to 45 percent in Class ABC. Villar specified the drop in his rating to black propaganda employed by his rivals. Continue reading »

Sweet 16

It’s the birthday every girl looks forward to — her sweet 16th. A special year deserves a special Sweet 16 Gift, so put some extra thought into your present. To inspire you, we’ve collected some sweet 16 birthday gift ideas that ought to charm any teenage girl. And many of these gifts cover a wide price range, suitable for any budget. Continue reading »


When I was a junior in high school I needed all the Chemistry help that I can get.I had difficulties with science and Chemistry Problems was not an exception. I knew I needed Major Chemistry Answers which was really hard to find. What a relief to find out that junior year was over. Continue reading »

Voting is Your Right

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I’m proud to say that I  live in a democracy and that means that I get a say in who runs our country, and by way of this privilege I also get a say about how our country is run. It is very easy to be blase about our right to vote and take a “whatever, who cares” kind of attitude about it but I take this job very seriously. That is why I am going to vote in May.Sure the registration was so much of a hassle and yes, I  have to head down to a polling station on voting day to tough it out and line up and wait for my turn which takes some time out of my day but these are very small prices to pay to be able to vote. Continue reading »

Social Networking Conference 2010

When social media emerged, many thought it was a fad or simply a communication technology for young people. It’s now clear that social media will continue to make a significant impact on how consumers and organizations communicate and operate. I want to be able to join the
I want to be part of this great event sponsored by  Digital Filipino Club and  Fiera de Manila Blog4Reviews is also one of the  media sponsors.
I really want to be  part of a gathering of online community practitioners – managers, developers, business people, tool providers, investors. I want to meet the people that discusss experience and strategies in the development and growth of online communities.

The North Face 100

The City of Pines  welcomes long distance runners from the local, regional, national and international participants in the four categories in the race slated April 24 to 25 dubbed as The North Face 100 Philippines. TNF 100 brings Asia’s 1st Trail Running Ultra Marathon series to Baguio-Benguet. Now on its third year, The North Face 100 is the first ultra trail marathon series in the Asia Pacific Region where participants are required to complete 100km of endurance running set on various terrains.The North Face 100 traverses unexplored trails of Camp John Hay, the PMA grounds, Mt.Sto.Tomas and Tuba with a fitting finish in the iconic Burnham Park. Continue reading »