Updating My Wardrobe

I have been used to unsexy, unflirty and tacky outfits. I have a love and mostly hate relationship with my body. To be honest I can’t shop for clothes alone. I want a new look a  romantic, genteel, ladylike styles that really fits my personality. I really want to search for up and coming Womens Clothing Designers who can design practical and affordable clothes.

That leaves us with a problem. Now my entire wardrobe is passe. Time to rebuild  the wardrobe from scratch.Since the trend now is towards well tailored, high quality, hard to knock off clothing, aim for ladylike chic. Think of Grace Kelly. Even Lady Diana. Now what would they wear? Women’s Suits right? Casual Work Clothes For Women is also an option. Continue reading »

Mama and I

Had a really great day that started to go wrong towards the end of the day and it ended with  an argument with my mother  and she ends up scolding me over the phone. (My mom has a superpower that only she can make me feel worse one the other side like no one else could. Only she can say the words that will make me feel like I’m 10 years old again) So, here I am, finding nothing to do about my plight but cry, scream, gripe and move on.

There are things I wish I could say to her, but I never did. They get caught in my throat and then just circle in my head. I just kept it all inside because I wanted that feeling to go away. It has been eating me for years. Lest anyone accuse me of being a bad daughter for blogging about this.

I am not. I love my mom more than anyone can ever imagine. I can’t imagine my life without my mom. And yet at times like this, I wonder why I just opened my mouth and said those things out loud.There are so many things going on that I can’t even begin to talk to her about.

I’m stressed about something but I can’t tell her.Yes I’ve been feeling so sick this past couple of months.  I know what I have but I don’t want to talk to her about it. To be honest because I think she’s a bad listener. Coupled with the fact that she’s a great reactor. It upsets me that she laughs at my expense and doesn’t care that I can hear it. It’s like she loves it that she embarasses me. She does that to me but never to anyone. My mom is fun to be with and everybody loves her. But sometimes I don’t want to be around her because she criticizes me and makes me feel really bad. I just can’t reach the standards because whatever it is that I do It’s never enough. She said that I’m stuck in the past maybe I am.

I’m going to do this for her and for me I’ll let go of the past.I’ll stop feeling bad about the things that happened in our past so that I can move forward. For my kids sake and especially for our own sake.

Re-Learning Math

Math is supposed to be fun, math is supposed to bring out the best in you. Just like when you’re learning to play a sport, is it enough to read books about the sport, memorize some facts, and maybe watch movies about it? Of course not! With sports you learn by doing. Continue reading »

Lonely Planet Philippines

This is an amazing new magazine that will give you an original take on the wonderful experiences and magical journey that every travel has offer.Whether it’s meeting new people, visiting a new place and sometimes even rediscovering a destination.Learning about the culture and history that shaped the landscape of  that location.Prepare to be blown away by the images  and captured  in words within  the magazine. Continue reading »


Polliwalks is a line of children’s shoes that features colorful sculpted animal shaped shoes in the likenesses of a fish, a T-Rex, a gator, Sesame  and Disney characters. All of Polliwalks styles feature their patent pending Footprinter bottom that leaves tiny Polliwalks animal footprints in dirt, firm sand or water.
Continue reading »

An Organic Ritual

Would you believe that I have never availed of any massage treatment at a spa before? The only massages that I’ve had was from TonTon Thai Massage. So I had placed “get a massage at a spa” on my proverbial things-to-do-before-I-die list and I almost crossed that item out last weekend. Continue reading »

Goodbye Campaign Period

I’m glad that the campaign period is over. I hate the drama, the mudslinging and the hate that comes with the campaign along with this other pet peeves:

1. I want my kids to unlearn those campaign jingles. Adee can si Villar’s campaign lyrics by heart and I heard Joshwa trying to sing Risa Hontiveros’ campaign jingle.

2. Showbiz people who exploit their popularity by running for public office. Who unfortunately get elected but never do anything while in office.They think that politics and showbiz should go together because its the next step . It doesn’t, It can’t and iet won’t. Not in this lifetime or the next.

3. The intense rivalry among candidates has triggered a slew of mudslinging.Political camps are stinging over the black propaganda their rivals have allegedly been spreading.

4. Twitter has become a crazy place ruled by rabid,ready to bite and pounce supporters.I hate the fact that these rabid supporters will fight you and ready to kill you figuratively and in worse case scenarios literally. Whatever happened to agreeing to disagree

5. Lawmakers who think that they have what it takes to join showbiz should they lose. In this election i think I’ve seen it all and heard it all. Some will exploit everything and anything to get elected. From their past to their present and even their future. Family, friends and pets if they can get away with it.Nothing is sacred and nothing is excluded.

Lose Weight Do It Now

Finding the  Best Work Out program can be really hard. You need to find one that would fit with your daily lifestyle. There are so many different options when it comes to picking a plan that suits you. The basic rule of thumb before starting an exercise program to go see a doctor that can measure your Body Mass Index. They will need to use a BMI calculator or a Body fat calculator. Continue reading »