The Big Switch

NOT all cooking oil brands are made the same way. This is what celebrity mom Suzi Entrata-Abrera realized after learning about Golden Fiesta Palm Oil. The 34-year old mom who enjoys preparing food for her husband, Paulo, and their three daughters.She claims that she didn’t know the differences between the cooking oil brands . She would just any other cooking oil brand because she thought they are all the same.

Golden Fiesta Palm Oil is made from 100 % pure palm oil. According to research, palm oil helps in keeping a healthy heart and body as it is cholesterol-free. They eat a lot of fried food in their house especially the kids. They love fried food’s crispiness and appetizing taste. And as a mom, she’s fond of frying food because it’s one of the quickest ways of preparing delicious meals. That’s why she just wanted to use a cooking oil brand that’s a healthy alternative for her family,” shares Suzi who is a mom to three daughters Leona, Jade, and Nela. Continue reading »


One of the values that I’m stickler about is the value of sharing. I tell them that they have to take turns if they want to play with one toy.Same goes on with food and so on and so forth. Last night I was at an event with my friends. This lady absolutely never wanted to leave. She hogged the microphone so much and she even pulled an ugly trick where someone was singing and she grabbed the microphone from him. So to you dear Ms. Kanye West Wannabe change your attitude because not even the real Kanye West pull of that bad attitude and neither can you.

Finding Your Fountain of Youth

To be honest I never went through the ugly skin, breakouts and acne stage. I attribute it to good genes and simplicity. But my husband did and when I see his photos I laugh at him and make a joke about his “acne days”. I’m sure he dreads it when his kids will ask him about those dreaded days. What’s worse is that, he still has the scars (of the past) from those memorable acne years that will serve as a reminder of that adolescent stage. Continue reading »

Back to School

The kids are going back to school tody. I can’t wait I’m excited.. I look forward to hearing Adee talk about her day and how it went when she goes home later. I look forward to peace and quiet even if its just for 2 hours. I look forward to the time out to work on what I’m supposed to do and to finish what I need to do. Does it make me a bad mom?No! It makes me a better mom because the time alone helps me to focus. When the kids get home from school the ruckus begins. But it’s all good because I still have my quiet time tomorrow and until Friday. The weekends are another story all together.

Vote For Ivan Dorschner as the PBB Big Teen Winner

I have been a PBB Fanatic  from PBB Season 1 up to PBB Teen Edition 3. I remember even arguing with friends about who would win and who should not win.  PBB is really the reality series that has just totally entertained me. Continue reading »

Beating the Odds

Beating the Odds is a preview of how policy making and decision making was done by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during the most challenging times of her presidency. The authors through intensive research and study showed a picture of her leadership skills which revolved around six issues that made an impact during her presidency. Namely terrorism, the peace process in Mindanao, the drug threat, the global emergence of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), an attempted rebellion the government and a ballooning budget deficit.

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Still Sick

Still here in Makati Medical Center in my hospital gown… I want to go home and the doctors don’t know exactly whats wrong with me. I have diabetes and uncontrolled hypertension. They gave me medicines but still the hypertension is not under control. I just want to go home. I’m home sick and I miss Philbert and the kids.. I’m being poked at every 3 hours and i’m hurting. I’m hooked up to the IV and I can’t eat anything that has taste. TORTURE!!!!!! I hope I can go home on Saturday.I really, really do!!

The 4 Addictions That Destroy Your Dreams (They're Not What You Think)

The Four Addictions

By: Tom Ferry CEO of YourCoach and the bestselling author of Life By Design.

I’ve discovered four addictions we all have that destroy more dreams, more hopes and more lives than alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or sex combined. When I refer to addictions, I am not focused on any of these. To me, those are habitual symptoms or effects brought on by four much larger causes that are the root cause of those symptoms. Continue reading »

I'm Sick

I think it’s that time of the year when I feel sick. I don’t  have any fever but I feel sick. I’m dizzy and I don’t feel like eating. Which is good if you’re dieting but I’m not dieting.

Because I feel sick I want some TLC from my Philbert and where is my hubby? He’s at the office and he is working and won’t be going home til tomorrow. I’m kind of upset that he’s not that worried because thinks I’m being dramatic and being over the top. I guess I’m just being bratty and I’m being demanding. I need him here to be with me. I understand that there are trade offs with the life that we choose. I chose not to work to be there for the kids and my husband chose to be a workaholic.

I just feel so sick and I can barely eat. My BFF Marisa has offered to bring me to the hospital if in case I still feel sick.I hope I get well soon because If a mom isn’t happy the whole family won’t be.