Michael Douglas is back in his Oscar®-winning role as Gordon Gekko whose iconic “Greed is good” mantra and daring corporate raids made him a rock star of financial titans. No longer the king of Wall Street, Gekko emerges from Federal prison after serving eight years. While away, his wife has divorced him, his son has died, and his one remaining family member, his daughter Winnie (CareyMulligan), won’t speak to him. Continue reading »


Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway previously left jaws dropped in the adult movie “Brokeback Mountain.” Years later, after both leaped from one box-office hit to another, Gyllenhaal and Hathaway reunite in the upcoming romantic comedy “Love And Other Drugs” for a slap of the awe-stunning realities in adult relationships. Continue reading »


In today’s very corporeal world dominated with technology-ladenvisuals comes “The 13th Day,” a film by Ian and Dominic Higgins  based on the memoirs of Lucia Santos, one of the three children in Portugal chosen by the Blessed Mary to offer a message of hope to the world.

“The 13th Day” dramatizes the true story of three young shepherds, Lucia,Jacinta and Francisco who experienced six interactive apparitions with a “Lady from Heaven” between May and October 1917, which culminated into the final prophesied miracle.  The stylistically beautiful and technically innovative re-creation of the scenes in the movie are further enhanced with today’s digital screens that capture the stunning images of the visions and the final miracle that have never before been fully realized on screen. Continue reading »

Rei Nail Art

In a small salon in Quezon City you would never have guessed that an artist was busy painting on a blank canvass.This is a Really good place to get and nail art. Akiko certainly knows what she is  doing. Yes it is a bit pricey but I guarantee you that you get what you pay for. Not an upscale place so you won’t get any champagne or strawberries and the walls could use some touch up paint.  This Not a dirty place, but just not luxurious.  But I overlooked all of this and because the work that she does is AMAZING. My nails  friend’s Sire looks really good.

I just really wished they had a locker or lockers for their customers. Even if it looks like a School Locker and arrange in such a way that it looks like Gym Lockers. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was Wood Lockers as long as they have one.

We were also lucky to meet the celebrity endorser Ms. Gelli De Belen.

She was really nice and modeled her nails

She was even gracious enough to allow us to take photos of her while she had her nails done.

Voila! The final verdict!

I just can’t stop raving about this great place where they do fantastic work, friendly service, not rushed out the door. I want to enjoy it and not feel like it’s a chop shop atmosphere. Sure it’s a bit pricey but it’s worth the piece of mind that I got what I paid for.Love this spot, and I am their new regular! Amazing! Customer Service goes a LONG WAY!

I really love this place. If you are looking for a salon where the employees aren’t annoying and pressuring you to get services you don’t need or don’t want to get then go here.When they are all done they let you relax in the chair and don’t pressure you to leave. They never try to upsell you..

A Lesser Known Mathematician

Archytas of Tarentum (ca 420-350 BC) Italy

Archytas was an important statesman as well as philosopher. He studied under Philolaus of Croton, was a friend of Plato, and tutored Eudoxus and Menaechmus. In addition to discoveries always attributed to him, he may be the source of some works attributed to Eudoxus and perhaps Pythagoras. Continue reading »

Orphan Diseases

HAVE you heard of Pompe’s disease? What about MPS Hunter syndrome, maple syrup urine disorder (MSUD), Gaucher disease and adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD)?  I only heard about some of these last week when I attended a talk on Orphan Diseases. Embarrassing as it may be I almost bawled my eyes out and started crying. I was so moved and as a mother of someone who has special needs I understood how hard it was.

The nature of  theserare disorders are long standing, life threatening, progressive, and require multidisciplinary care, available therapies and food supplements likewise require life long administration. Until such time further breakthroughs happen (as we are very hopeful it will), without help from private sector, treatment is elusive for the patients due to its prohibitive cost and accessibility.

With increasing number of patients requiring huge amounts of funds, at times not readily available, in June of 2006, The Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders, Inc.a non-stock, non-profit organization was organized to continue the efforts of these doctors to ensure sustainability of medical and financial support of patients with rare disorders.They are at the forefront of the “care for rare” advocacy and coordinates efforts to sustain the quality of life of individuals with rare disorders. Continue reading »

5 Steps to Personal Finance Management

Personal Finance Management is a subject that is not taught in many schools but it is something that we will face in our lives later. A bad management of finance will provide nothing but financial trouble. Here are some ways you can manage your money.
1.Start saving today. Make it a habit to save a portion of your paycheck on a monthly basis. Some banks have the facility of taking a portion of your money into a savings account automatically.
2When you can borrow/rent, don’t buy. Some books can be borrowed at the library without buying and some videos can be rented. You don’t have to buy them and let them take up space in your house.
3Go for high down payment and low monthly installments. It will help you in the long-run and you can sleep better at night. Don’t always call and tell to say Check my Credit . It does put  a dent on the credit rating.
4 A good insurance coverage. You will never know when you will need a large sum of money during an emergency. So having good insurance coverage can really help tide you over through a crisis.
5.Owning a credit card is very important to establish credit. Even if you don’t ever use it, it’s important to have one. If you don’t trust yourself, just lock it in a drawer. Just don’t overuse it you don’t want to have a credit cards poor credit

One Naturales is Au Naturelle

Products that promise quick-fix beauty solutions bombard us everyday. Everywhere we look—from billboards to magazines, television to radio.  Some of them do fulfill their promise, but at such a high cost.  Some of them, too, are really quite affordable, but sadly don’t deliver the benefits that they claim.So how do we discern the one that will work best for us without us having to spend a month’s salary on? Continue reading »


Esquire – In the original Wall Street, the part of Darien Taylor, Bud Fox’s (Charlie Sheen) girlfriend (and Gekko’s ex) “was not well developed.”  Michael Douglas who plays Gekko in “Wall Street 1 and 2” would later say that Daryl Hannah’s casting caused problems. Hannah wasn’t happy playing the materialistic social climber, and director Oliver Stone’s tough approach to her performance upset her.  While Douglas bagged an Oscar for his performance, Hannah won a Razzie for worst Supporting Actress.

In the new movie, “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps” which opens worldwide this September, Oscar-nominated Cary Mulligan plays Winnie, Gordon Gekko’s estranged daughter and girlfriend of Shia LaBeouf’s Jake Moore.