Rise, Raise and Erase

The most daunting problem that faces the Philippine Society Venereologist, Inc., is the education of the immediate community. Some people just don’t think about the consequences of their actions.They go out to a bar have a  order of   German Beer Steins which for some means Gigantic glass boots made for drinking their favorite German brews. Meet someone and have casual unprotected sex  and go their separate ways. Which is scary to say the least. Because you are at risk for HIV and other sexually transmissible diseases.

While media is already playing an important role in bringing HIV and other sexually transmissible diseases to public attention, participation by the more knowledgeable sectors of society is needed. Thus, the society has lined up its participation of liason and cooperation with civic groups, like the Rotary, the Lions, the Jaycees and others, who have similar or parallel programs to open the eyes of the of the public to the growing menace of HIV. In addition, the PSVI will provide experts to lecture and advise focus groups and other interested parties with the government, private corporations and other organizations.

The Society has undertaken scientific meetings and postgraduate courses.  The PSVI’s objectives in a three-word battlecry: RISE, RAISE AND ERASE.

RISE simply means four things.

First, the society aims to provide strength in numbers.  The PSV certainly needs numbers-manpower to pursue its other goals. A sustained membership drive is currently underway to consolidate medical practitioners involved in venereologist.

Second, the society aims to present a solid voice, abroad fronts of concentrated health professionals to influence public policy and to lobby for improved services and control of sexually transmitted diseases and the more menacing HIV infection.

Third, the society aims to promote the role of specialists medical practitioners in the discipline. This is focused on discouraging pseudo-venereologist from inadequately treating patients and causing greater harm in the end.

Fourth, the society aims to foster camaraderie among members and fellowship among international venereologist, for the ultimate benefit of Filipino patient.

RAISE, on the other hand, means to elevate the standards of venereology education and practice.

The society will handle acrreditation of institutions. Through its Committee on Accreditation, the society will determine whether the agency applying for accreditation possessed the facilities needed to teach subject in venereology. Also, the society will evaluate any submitted venerelogy training program seeking accreditation.

The admission of new members is another on-going program of the PSVI. Through its Committee on Screening abd Admission, the society examiners the credentials submitted by each applicant.  After proper evaluation is completed, the society’s Board of Examiners administers qualifying examinations for membership.

The PSVI aims to provide continuing medical educations for members. This is currently being done by way of postgraduate courses and scientific meetings.  In the future, the society plans for the publication of pertinent researches both in a journal and in a newsletter.

Finally, ERASE means to contribute to the  control, if not eradiction, of STDs and HIV infection.

The Philippine Society of Venereologists, Inc. aims to do this through surveillance of the immediate community of each member. With the PSVI  providing leadership, private sector initiative also needs to be harnessed and organized to check the spread of STD’s and HIV infection.

Collection of data is another main of the society. Recognizing that inroads against disease cannot be validated and implemented without information about morbidity and/or mortality, the society aims to gather epidemiological data from the immediate community. This data will later be turned over the Department of Health AIDS Control Programme for processing and checking against their own statistics.

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