Who's Your Big Daddy?

Your Big Daddy has arrived! In terms of Chicken that is..Taiwan’s Famous Chicken Chop is now in Manila! Great tasting chicken will surely travels miles to delight lovers of fine good food. Finally, the crispiest, juiciest chicken that Taiwanese and Singaporeans are going gaga over – is now in town. Continue reading »

Our Home

We used to live in a small apartment in San Pedro California. It was small but it was perfect for us.. The right place to raise a family. I still miss that home because it was there that we became solid as a family. Dreams were built and made in that small home.

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The Princes and The Red Carp

A beautiful young girl.
An evil stepmother.
A handsome emperor.
A magical fish and a pair of golden shoes.
These are the ingredients that combine to form The Princess and the Red Carp a retelling of the original Cinderella story!You can buy gold but a love that is true you can never afford

Many credit this Chinese version (dating as far back as 850-860AD) as being the very first of its kind! Theater Down South is delighted to present their spin on this beloved and enduring tale.

There have been many productions of the Cinderella story over the years but most, if not all, are based on the retellings of Charles Perrault or the Brothers Grimm. “The Princess and the Red Carp” is based on a Chinese version of the story, with origins dating as far back as A.D.850 and is considered, the earliest existing version of this tale. It`s heroine is a young girl named Yeh Hsien who triumphs over adversity with the help of her friend, a magical Red Carp who provides her with clothes, jewelry, and most importantly a pair of tiny golden slippers.
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1. When did you last see a rainbow? Where was the most amazing rainbow that you’ve seen?
In Tagaytay last July after a brief spell of rain.. I’ve seen the most amazing rainbow in Arizona while visiting the Grand Canyon. It was Spellbinding!

2. Do you know anyone who actually says “Yikes” in conversation?
I do that!! When I’m surprised or annoyed or thinking.

3. What was the last thing that you had to study for?
How to buy gold bars or where to look for one for an investment.

4. Did you do a good job?
I’m not really sure because we have yet to purchase one.

Fun Times

To be honest when I was younger I wasn’t a big fan of gold either the color or the jewelry.My grandmother likes the color Gold so sometimes I just associate that with her. We even went to a movie to watch Yamashita’s treasure which was a story of where the bullionwas buried by General Yamashita which made me not like Gold even more because it was really a tacky movie. Being more or older and more mature than I am. But now that I am older I think I changed my mind and I’m really starting to think that there’s more than there’s to it when the word Gold is being used I just remembered the fun times that I had with Grandmother

Did You Buy A DePuy?

depuy hip replacement lawyer

I used to work for a homecare agency and some of our patients needed caregivers. Some required a Live In caregiver(meaning the caregiver will stay with 24/7)while some required a Live Out caregiver (some stay for 8 hours a day and some for 12 hours) Some of our cases are already for hospice while some just need companions because their kids are worried that the parents shouldn’t be alone because they have a history of slip and fall. Some of patients also had a case of Hip Replacement..I was worried when I heard about Depuy recall. So If you had a hip replacement too and you had a hip implant under De Puy. Don’t wait call O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949


Here are some surprising information about Gold that you might know about. This discovery is more precious than gold bars

1. Do you that in the medical field, gold is used mainly to treat rheumatoid arthritis and liver, eye and ear diseases, as well as tiredness and depression?Amazing!!

3. Did you know that they typical touch tone telephone that we commonly used typically contains 33 gold-plated contacts? The main role of Gold in electronics is in  the semi conductors that are being used. A thin film of gold is being used  to make sure that there is a rapid dispersion of heat that helps to stop oxidation and will slow down tarnishing.

No longer will I look at Gold in the same way..

Gold Investment

paigowMy friend is currently into Online Casino’s and though I’m wary of online games. Since she’s based her in the US  I told her to just visit a good US Online Casinos site where it offers a great variety of choices.It is also very important to do great research when choosing a good website. But  I did tell her that the amount she spent on those sites she just ought to save it and invest in buying a gold bar I told her  to read on other people’s review and opinions when buying but I assured her that this a better investment for her future.

A Masectomy

An acquaintance is now struggling with breast cancer. Hopefully sooner than later-with a lot of hard work-we can make this disease a thing of the past.For right now, she already had a mastectomy. It sounds like the doctors recommended mastectomy to take care of the repeat recurrences in her breast. I’m familiar with how breast cancer can continue to cause problems in the breast itself. Local disease in the breast can be extensions of the original tumor or recurrence after the primary treatment.
The initial attempt to get a clear margin around the lesion is unsuccessful, They tried to save her breast. They cannot obtain clear margins, thus the mastectomy was required. I was wondering if giving her Crossdresser breast forms would be a good idea. I understand that If they  have saved the breast, and the disease recurs locally, then there may be the option of excising the recurrence and trying radiation or observation. Sometimes it can be difficult to control the local spread of breast cancer, and mastectomy may be the only option to try to remove all of the local disease.