The World’s Choice For Home Cleaning Has Arrived

For all savvy housewives and homemakers in style, those who find themselves challenged by today’s many changes, forced to divide their time and attention among the family’s many needs while trying to maintain a spot-free home, adjusting to the multiple roles they’ve taken, which have left them with little time to maintain the warm and healthy house they’re proud to have invested on, I have news: there is a new product to make your lives easier, particularly by making your tasks faster and more manageable: Continue reading »

The Best Gift

This is Sabine our best gift for the year.. She’s not mine but she’s my sister’s first born. We are so excited to see her and can’t wait to meet her. I wonder what I should get her for her baptism.Will I get her a white gold chain ? I want to get her something special that she can wear when she’s a bit bigger. I’m so happy for my sister though because a baby is always a joy. It’s not easy because it makes you more paranoid and crazier at times but having a child is always worth it.

Family Time. Endless Summers

To hardcore enthusiasts, golfing isn’t just a game; it’s a way of life. But it’s not for everybody. The cerebral demands of the sport are intensely unique in that you compete against yourself and are given time to think before you act.  And like in any other sport, where you play makes a difference. For golf, a well-designed course, which balances aesthetics with game challenge, is hard to come by, much less one that takes into consideration family-friendly amenities. Continue reading »

This Lovers’ Month, Electrolux promo also comes in pairs!

Shoes, headphones, gloves, earrings, chopsticks, and of course, couples… most good things really just come in pairs. This February, Electrolux offers a yet another good pair – the Electrolux specially bundled washers and dryers at a much discounted price.  Effective February 1 to 28, 2011, you can avail of as much as PhP10,000 discount whenever you buy an Electrolux front load washer, and to complete the pair, Electrolux also offers a 30% discount on its dryers upon purchase of participating front load washers. Continue reading »

The New Meralco Appliance Calculator Web Application (M.A.C)

Since 2003, MERALCO has activated the MERALCO Appliance Calculator (M.A.C) in response to our customers’ information needs.
The MAC is envisioned to serve MERALCO customers, in that it allows them to estimate their consumption and aids them in purchasing energy-efficient appliances. Continue reading »


Exclusivity, privacy, security, generous open spaces and convenient access to major business and commercial districts are part of everyone’s wish list when it comes to owning a home. But at the same time many yuppies, professionals and young families find these qualities beyond the reach of their hard earned income and savings. Continue reading »

Baptism Photo

I recently saw this photo and I knew that I had to upload this.  I was so tiny and who would have known that I would be eventually needing Diet pills appetite suppressants. My mom was so thin and her waist so small.According to my mom she had 3 kids back in the day and her waist line was size 24. The only time I reached that number was in the age department. It’s just fun to go back in time and look at photos that remind you of how it used to be.