Expo Mom is the premier lifestyle event for moms in Manila. It is a trade expo, all-day workshop, shopping destination, mommy party,
family occasion, mompreneur lab, all rolled into one!

It is not your regular bazaar. Expo Mom showcases the latest in mom and baby products and services, from new brands that have been recently launched, to latest mompreneur inventions, to new stuff that have just come in from abroad. Yes moms can shop and browse, interact with vendors and mompreneurs, and learn a lot about what services are out there.

Expo Mom features interesting talks and workshops for young, urban moms and families. It’s guaranteed infotainment – both educational and fun at the same time. Activities such as the following have been planned out:
– Laughter Yoga
– Modern Mom fitness- Healthy bump and beyond
– Prenatal Stimulation- How to have a healthy & smart baby
– Solo parenthood
– Creative meals
– Time Management for busy moms

There are also planned celebrations:
– Mommy Matters’ 10th year Anniversary!
– Formal Launch of the Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport
– Formal Announcement of Expo Mom’s going nationwide! (Expo Mom
Cebu & Davao)
*topics and schedules subject to change

THE MOMMY ROOM – Breastfeeding Lounge & Diaper changing area MOMMY PORTRAIT AREA – Get a free mom or family photo at the Expo
Mom Portrait area Photo Booth
– Lamaze /prenatal classes
– Breastfeeding consultation
– OB consultation
– Single parents support
– For Kids with Special needs
– MomShare volunteer booth
– Mompreneur Manila booth

Expo Mom entrance fee is only P25, 100% of which goes to MomShare
outreach. Expo Mom discourages the use of plastic so attendees are
asked to kindly bring their own reusable shopping bag:)

For further info, email [email protected] or visit

Expo Mom is produced by Mommy Mundo and PACE, co-presented by
GlaxoSmithKline, Mommy Matters. Supported by Cordlife, Philam Life,
Cycles, Cradle, Flip Video, Cisco, Havaianas, Del Monte Quick n
Easy, Avent, Lactacyd Baby Bath, Citibank and RCBC. Media Partners
are Lifestyle Network, MomsToday, Smartparenting, Working Mom, Baby
Magazine and Mommy Mundo publications Urban Mom and Mommy Pages.


According to research, 1.5 million lives are lost due to cleaning and sanitation-related diseases. 1 life for every 20 seconds can be saved if there is a strong and compelling campaign that pushes for cleaning and sanitation in the country. USAID 2008 data, also states that the Philippines loses 77.8 billion pesos every year due to poor sanitation, which later on causes an absenteeism rate of 8 days every year for a common Filipino worker.
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Stress Time

I’m always stressed about finding the perfect gift for my Dad and Philbert. My dad isn’t picky but he has most of the things that I think he would like. Philbert is the picky one sometimes he would like what I get him and sometimes he would say that he didn’t like it. I just figured that next time I would just get a  personalizable gift for him. I just hope that he won’t complain about it. I really do hope so

The Philippines Gears Up for The Country’s Biggest Anti-Cervical Cycling Tour



The countdown to the cycling tour that will save at least 500 Filipino women from cervical cancer has begun.

Now, about a hundred anti-cervical cancer campaigners are getting in shape for The Tour of Hope 2011 – 500: Going the Xtra Mile Against Cervical Cancer, which is one of the most challenging cycling tours in the country. Organized by Bravehearts in partnership with Team David’s Salon and GlaxoSmithKline, this year’s Tour of Hope aims to provide cervical cancer vaccinations for 500 women during its 5-day tour. Continue reading »

5 Traits of A Great Leader

There are certain character traits found in all good leaders and we have listed 8 key ones below. Some great leaders are born and it is their destiny to lead. On the other hand, there are other great leaders who made the time and effort to become one and you can to. If you think you’re not quite the finished article as a leader Continue reading »

Missing You

I was looking at this photo and I really do miss my Tita Nenette. People call her Rosa but to me she was my Tita Nenette. As a child she was always there for me. Went to school programs and helped me with my homework. She was also a great cook I totally love her lasagna and just by watching her I learned how to bake. Continue reading »

Experience the Purest of Summer at The Farm

I really do think that joining this is a great idea. The only thing that is stopping me is the cost. If I had the money I would definitely join. Specially since I am on the look out for a  best creatine solution along with my sugar. I really should take care of my health because I’m really feeling the brunt and consequence of not taking care of myself. My friend has been nagging me to go back to the doctor,no one has to tell me that I need to go back to my endocrinologist. I need to squeeze it in my schedule..


Pool Sales

Not a lot of people that I used to work in Sales of Pool Products. I was literally thrust into it without training or knowledge of the product. I sold different kinds of pools such as an Inground Pool, Above Ground Pools, Spas and yes even pool lifts. I loved that job dealing with people and discussing their pool needs. I also understood how hard it is to maintain a pool. In terms of costs, efforts and sometimes the chemicals are hard to get.



Butterflies hatch and fly
Bees drink the juice from flowers.
Bees fly everywhere and they pollenate
Birds chirping their song,
Building their nest for their home
Getting ready for the bloom of Nature.
Spring is here at Last
Sunflowers awake from their nap
Sun is out and shinning bright
Fragrant smells around us!

Bellagio Fountain

This photo was taken at the Bellagio Hotel. I totally loved this Luxury fountains which is  owned by MGM Resorts International and was built on the site of the demolished Dunes hotel and casino. The resort serves as the seat of the corporate headquarters for MGM Resorts International and is considered the main flagship resort of the gaming company.

Here I was enjoying the view never mind I was 8 weeks pregnant with Adrianne. I found out from the brochures that Bellagio was inspired by the Lake Como resort of Bellagio in Italy, Bellagio is famed for its elegance. One of its most notable features is an 8-acre (3.2 ha) lake between the building and the Strip, which houses the Fountains of Bellagio, a large dancing water fountain synchronized to music.  Loved the music it was different i think part of the music sounded like it came from Parker Guitars.It was the greatest fountain show that I have ever seen.