SMS Reply-All service by SMS GupShup

Mobile Marketing Mobile Still Thrives In India, SMS GupShup Hits 35M Users, 1M New Users Monthly
I was lucky to be able to witness this technology first hand. India based SMS GupShup has partnered with three biggest mobile networks in the country: Globe Telecom, Smart Telecommunications, and Sun Cellular to introduce ‘Group Messaging’ for coordinating, collaborating, communicating with friends, workers, and family on SMS.

Referred to as “Reply All” for Globe & Smart subscribers and “Chatxt” for Sun Subscribers. This service allows users to coordinate, collaborate and communicate with up to 30 mobile numbers in a single group. This is definitely perfect for us as we don’t have to be online all the time. We are just a chat away so to speak.

These users (group members) can reply to the SMS received that in turn goes to all members in the group. This makes ‘Reply-All’ or ‘Chatxt’ the latest and trendiest way to message within small and large groups. A parallel of this service on the web would be “reply all” and “cc” function of e-mail.
‘Chatxt’ & ‘Reply-All’ are conveniently priced at flat SMS cost of 1 peso per text with many other options for those who just can’t stop SMS’ing.
– For Globe and Smart users, a 20 pesos/day unlimited option can be activated by texting “UNLIDAY” to 2993.
– For Sun Cellular users, “Chatxt” is available complimentary for limited period. This can be activated by texting “Freeday” to 2993. They can also avail of the 30 group messages only for P5 by texting “BUY30” to 2993.

It is built with everybody in mind from friends who want to meet up, to moms who want to do a playdate, student study groups finishing projects, a group of friends to catch up to housewives discussing recipes Reply All / Chatxt has been a runaway success connecting people through basic SMS.

SMS GupShup has tied up with all the major telecom operators in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Bahrain for the product before this launch in Philippines. The Company committed to collaborating with mobile networks in developing and introducing innovative features for SMS.
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Good Old Gold

A lot of people have been developing a liking to the hobby of collecting coins. Numismatics as dubbed my some people is the art of collecting coins. Some prefer collecting those which are only circulated for a limited period of time, thus has only too few numbers out in circulation. If I had a Bullion  or maybe more this will really be a nice hobby

Others collect those mint coins or those which have mint errors during production. Still, a majority of this numismatics enthusiast prefer to collect Gold Bullion which, as the name suggestion is the hobby of collecting gold coins.

This actually requires a little bit of shelling out a considerable amount from your hard-earned money, as these gold coins do not come cheap and depending on the ones you wanted to collect, they can even go at very high prices. I guess it all boils down to whether you have the sufficient budget to fund this expensive hobby, and then there is no problem with continuing to do so.

Furthermore, these facts about gold  can be a great tool to teach your little ones about bits and pieces about history. It will also be a good family heirloom which you can pass down to your child and their children afterwards

Never Too Late To Finish Your Education


 If you were not able to finish your College degree due to a series of events that took place in your life including unwanted pregnancies and untimely marriage and the pressure to find a stable and good-paying job after a while to help augment the family income, now is actually the most opportune time to plan on finishing your College education.

 With the advent of technology, life has never been so easy. You can continue and finish your preferred course in College all those many years ago in your own sweet time and in the comfort of your own living room (or bedroom, depending on your choice) – thanks to all these online schools and academies present in the World Wide Web now.

 You get to choose a schedule that works well with your own schedule so you are sure that it will not interfere with your day job or your parenting duties, or with other tasks or responsibilities you might have during the day that you have to finish. And since you can do it at home, you can learn at your own pace without the hassle of commuting or sitting down a bad traffic road condition. You will also be providing good example to your children by putting stock in your education.


September School Year???

Responding to the call of some sectors to move the June school opening to September, the Department of Education reiterates that it is open to any proposal that will help improve the learning conditions of students and that it continues to look thoroughly into the advantages and disadvantages should school opening be moved to September. Continue reading »

Return of the Come-Back of the New and Improved Haring +Ubu-L XXX at the

Sipat Lawin Ensemble presents *Return of the Come-Back of the New and
Improved Haring +Ubu-L XXX* on August 4 (8pm), August 5-6, 2011 (3pm and 8pm) at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute of the Cultural Center of the

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Linggo nang Wika

As a child I totally loved celebrating Linggo nang Wika. We would wear our National Costumes and We would decorate the classrooms. We would also bring different kinds of Filipino Food. I wanted to share that excitement with my daughter. Unfortunately they do not celebrate this. The only production number that they are willing to do is Christmas Party and Graduation day. Continue reading »

30 Seconds to Mars live Into The Wild Tour in Manila: Grab a chance to win two (2) GOLD tickets

Grab a chance to win two (2) GOLD tickets for the 30 Seconds to Mars live: Into The Wild Tour in Manila on July 29, 2011 at TriNoma Mindanao Open Parking.
1. Buy 2 Silver tickets
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ClickTheCity: Fri-Yay Twitter Giveaway

ClickTheCity, the Philippines’ definitive online and lifestyle guide, has recently launched its Fri-Yay Twitter Giveaway.  Every week, CTC is going to give away exciting prizes to its Twitter followers.

To join, users must first follow ClickTheCity on Twitter (@ctctweets) and then answer the Question of the Week which will be posted every Monday.  Retweet the Question of the Week with the answer before RT. (Hand RT @ctctweets What body part can you see on CTC’s logo? #CTCFriYay.

Lucky winners will get a chance to win a variety of awesome prizes from CTC – movie and  concert tickets and other premium items.

Jumpstart your weekend by winning fun prizes! Join now!

To learn more about Fri-Yay Twitter Giveaway, visit CTC Fri-Yay!

About ClickTheCity: is the Philippines’ definitive online entertainment and lifestyle guide, delivering up-to-date entertainment schedules and events, serving as a clearinghouse of goings-on around town. Numerous events, establishments, movies and activities are featured on a regular basis at ClickTheCity, showcasing the various noteworthy happenings around and beyond the metro that appeal to the young, upwardly mobile market.

DepED: The Entire Nation (TEN) Moves – Make your move and be part of building schools. Building education. Building the nation.

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Public Service: Advisory from Department of Education about Dengue Prevention

The Department of Education of the Philippines issued a memorandum emphasizing the  urgency of the anti-dengue drive particularly in schools where school children become most vulnerable. This is in support of the national campaign led by the Department of Health (DOH) conducted regularly during the rainy season in all public schools nationwide.

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