A Weekend For Moms only From Mommy Mundo

 The Belly Blessed Fest is happening on AUGUST 5, Sunday at the FUN RANCH activity area in Pasig. The event will coincide with the Mommy Mundo Clearance Clearout Sale where our fave mom and baby brands will be on sale up to 75% off!.

If you want to start shopping early and avail of the 70% off your fave mom and baby stuff!  Then start your shopping time at the Mommy Mundo Clearance Clearout Sale this Friday to Sunday at Fun Ranch!

Know more about the benefits of BabyPlus Prenatal Education System from Quirks Marketing Philippines and get to purchase it at a special one day only promo price. Credit cards accepted.

I will be there on Sunday looking for the best buys and I will also visit Tiendesitas and I might get lucky and afford to buy an
aidan gray home decor & furniture

Glass Handbag Give Away

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog and  Diva Fabulosa has once again teamed up to bring another fabulous giveaway, this time for a unique handmade leather bag.

This is a free blogger event which will take place on August 10 until September 10. each blogger will get a FREE Facebook link for promoting the event.  Additional links are available for $2/link.


Giveaway will be open Worldwide so readers from around the world will get a chance to turn in their entries.

If you’re a blogger and is ready to be a part of this giveaway, SIGN UP HERE and also to get more information about the event.

If you’re a follower of this blog,  you can come back on August 10 to join this event!

Keep Mosquitoes at Bay During the Rainy Season

By now, you’ve lived in the tropics long enough to realize that between the shifting seasons and humidity, insects are another force to be reckoned with. It’s easy enough to deal with—just slather on some insect repellent and you can keep mosquitoes at bay throughout the day.

Is it however, safe for children? It’s a question that parents carefully consider, particularly when the rainy season rolls around and the need to prevent bites from mosquitoes and other insects rises. Continue reading »

LJC Group turns over donation to the Cancer Institute Foundation

The LJC Restaurant Group recently turned over the proceeds of its Good to Dine Campaign to the Cancer Institute Foundation. LJC Group COO Eugene Billones turns over a check amounting to P200,000 to Dr. Jorge Ignacio, chairman of the Cancer Institute of the Philippine General Hospital. Continue reading »


Kids are kids. Whether playful, naughty or nice, kids are often happy to break rules without meaning to be bad specially in the company of their fellow “kiddizens.”

Getting away with something and saying “No!” are part of their mischievous nature and their need to assert their budding individuality.But when it comes to hygiene habits, there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to brushing their teeth, especially after eating or snacking and even when they’re at school or at any place that won’t allow you to monitor them for the next 6 hours. Continue reading »

Get into the Ceelin Cool Chew Craze and win P10,000!

A new craze is sweeping the nation, and it has got all the kids singing, dancing and chewing. Yes, you read that right—chewing! But don’t be alarmed Moms, this is one craze you’ll surely approve of. Continue reading »

The New K-Pop style for Kids by SM

The Country’s leading department store introduces K-Pop style into this season’s toon fashion collection.

Korean fashion has, to those in the know, been the envy of many for some time now. In the same way that Korea has exported its music, film and drama so successfully across Asia and the world, their fashion industry is now beginning to attract much attention from across the globe. With its slick, youth centred, unique and, sometimes, eccentric trends, it is little wonder that Korean clothing is garnering the same positive reactions as its other cultural exports and it can only be a matter of time before these trends are fully embraced by Westerners.

Korean style, as sported in K-Pop videos by acts like SNSD (Girl’s Generation), T-Ara and Wonder Girls, is particularly popular in Japan; it is not rare for markets in Seoul (such as Mokdong, Tongdaemun and Namdaemun) to be heavily populated with Japanese tourists who are visiting simply to pick up the latest Korean trends.  What is so appealing about Korean styles is that, although often taking a Western design as a starting point, clothes are regularly tailored to mesh street wise edge with vivid sophistication and more leftfield character. Continue reading »

Belly Blessed Festival

A Festival for all Moms-to-be and Dads-to-be! Come celebrate with us in our first ever BELLY BLESSED FEST, this is a big party for all expectant parents! We will have fun activities, musical performances, mural and tie dying activities, maternity portraits, belly art, and of course, information filled talks by experts to help you in your pregnancy!

he festival opens at 11am, set at the Activity area of Bonifacio High Street fronting Nike. There will be a special area where expectant moms can have their portraits by Baby Shower Studio, there will be hip tie-dyed onesies stations by St. Patrick, a healthy snack bar by Slice Café and Del Monte Pineapple juice, and medallion making activity for preggy mamas.

Live Music by Gentle Universe, a percussion show, interspersed with informative talks and demos by pioneer childbirth educator Rome Kanapi, prenatal yoga by Monica Manzano, a breastfeeding-themed activity by Candice Yaw of Mommy Matters, Babywearing talk by Denise Bernardo of Indigo Baby,and an actual belly dancing performance by Jill Ngo and the Goddesses of Belly Dance, talks on healthy pregnancy by Anmum Materna and GSK, as well as talks on modern mom concerns like cord blood banking by Cordlife.

The event will also mark the launching Mommy Mundo’s portal for pregnant moms, www.BELLYBLESSED.com. Through this new website, Mommy Mundo hopes to continue to spread its advocacy for maternal health and healthy and informed pregnancy.

elly Blessed Fest is presented by Mommy Mundo, the go-to resource portal for active, modern moms, PACE, Shop Mommy Matters, Glaxo SmithKline, Sweet Baby Diapers and Anmum Materna. The event is supported by Cordlife Cord Blood Banking, CyclesMild Detergent, Cradle, Lactacyd Baby Bath, Chicco, St. Patrick, Crystal Clear, and Slice Café.

Media Partners are Manila Bulletin, Sense and Style, Style Weekend, Working Mom Magazine, Lifestyle Network, Smartparenting Magazine, Urban Mom Magazine, MommyPages.com.ph and Crossover 105.1. Official events partner is www.CreativeJuice.ph.

For more information, like Belly Blessed on Facebook or visit www.bellyblessed.com.

*The first 200 pre-registered pregnant mommas will get a complimentary Belly Blessed swag bag! Text now at 0918-9300313. Final registrants must receive a confirmation text which they should show at the venue entrance.

**the Belly Blessed fest is open to all moms and families but pre-registration is exclusive to expectant moms.

Together we will be bringing the boho, free-spirit of love, peace and happiness to all belly-blessed folks!

Niscenssa Direct Sales Launches Glam Online Store


Niscenssa Direct Sales, the direct selling arm of Nisce Skin ‘n Face, today launched the Niscenssa online store (www.niscenssa.com), the easiest way to shop for Niscenssa products, with their new brand ambassador, actress Bela Padilla.

 The Niscenssa online store features the full range of quality Niscenssa Direct skin care products allowing customers to buy at their convenience. Niscenssa products are dermatologist tested and approved and are formulated by Nisce’s world-class research and development team to suit every skin type.

“As we want to bring beauty within everyone’s reach, we are inspired to break into e-business by opening an online store. Through this, we aim to reach areas where Nisce skin clinics are not available, as well as areas where we do not have enough direct sellers,” said Atty. Blaise Nisce, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Nisce Skin ‘n Face.

Before having an online store for the Niscenssa Direct products, a direct selling arm for their skincare products was established, called Niscenssa Direct Sales. The direct selling arm aims to provide an income-generating opportunity for loyal customers and to bring the glamour of effective skincare products within everyone’s reach.


Niscenssa Direct products range from skincare for men and women, makeup, and insect repellent and are divided into four brand categories –Blaise, Dr.Skin, Nisce, and Niscenssa. The Blaise brand is a unique skincare line specially formulated for men. It has a wide array of products from shaving cream to facial scrub. Dr. Skin product line is formulated for whitening, acne treatment and prevention, and age defying; products under this category range from deodorants to facial creams and lotions. Soap products


 of Niscenssa Direct are under the Nisce brand, with different types –whitening, exfoliating, and organic soap. Aside from the soap, Nisce also has sunblock lotion with SPF 80. Their makeup products are under Niscenssa; available products under this brand are face powders and foundations. The insect repellent product that provides up to eight hours of protection against mosquitoes is also under this category.


            For more information about the Niscenssa products, visit the Niscenssa online store at www.niscenssa.com.

For updates, follow them on:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Nisceskinnface

and like them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nisceskin


Fanny Serrano enjoys minimal hair care

Since discovering nature’s own answer to hair loss a year ago, beauty icon and hair care expert Fanny Serrano has enjoyed the benefits of effortless hair care and maintenance.

Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, nature’s own answer to hair loss, is best known to spur hair growth and further prevent hair fall. Made of panax ginseng, biotin, moringa oleifera, virgin coconut oil, as well as the essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, and lavender, among others, Novuhair helps treat excessive hair fall by improving blood circulation to the scalp and increasing nutrition to hair follicles, thereby stimulating hair growth. Continue reading »