GANO Excel Malaysia’s founder Sir Leow Soon Seng will be flying to Manila soon to personally spearhead GANO iTOUCH Philippines’ launching of new products Hazelnut Coffee and Cordyceps and also award the GANO family’s achievers. GANO iTOUCH will give recognition to the company’s stockists and distributors who are trailblazers in the marketplace for its products. It has been always a tradition with GANO Malaysia’s top executives to personally pay tribute to their achievers from many countries all over the world

GANO iTOUCH presents its “GANO POWER DAY GRAND LAUNCH AND RECOGNITION” this August 25, 1PM, at the AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City. GANO’s founder, Leow Soon Seng, is flying all the way from the GANO Excel Malaysia headquarters to personally spearhead this year’s important twin milestones in the history of GANO iTOUCH Philippines: launching of new products that GANO takes pride in and a tribute to the GANO family’s achievers. Mr Leow is to crown The New Ambassador Crown Diamond Directors and The New Crown Diamond Directors. He will also officially recognize The New Gold Diamond Directors, The New Silver Diamond Directors and The New Diamond Directors—all in fitting ceremonies befitting achievers in the roster of leaders and distributors—the best assets of the GANO iTOUCH Philippines family.

The event is a fitting occasion for Mr. Leow to both honor the achievers and launch the new GANO iTouch products:  (1) the perfect blend for coffee lovers Gano Café Hazelnut Coffee which, just like the PIOIR Ganoderma 3-in-1 coffee and Ganocafe Classic, contains ‘water-soluble Ganoderma’ that is found only in Gano iTouch coffee and (2) Cordyceps, which is an effective ‘source of energy & stamina among people with active lifestyle, fitness enthusiasts included. Mr. Leow , shared, “Cordyceps equips the body with natural boosters that will enhance physical stamina, fight fatigue and promote healthy respiratory and lung functions.”

Similar events will also take place at the CAP Auditorium in the Queen City of the South, Davao City and at the Cebu Grand Hotel, Cebu City, on August 28 and 30, respectively. GANO iTOUCH Phils. The Executive Committee announced: “No less than our Founder has sent a statement encouraging all GANO iTOUCH stockists and distributors not to miss the grandiose twin launching and recognition events and to let them make the occasion serve as further ‘inspiration’ for those among them who are already achievers and both a challenge and an inspiration among potential top sellers within the prestigious GANO family.

GANO iTOUCH is one family that is quick to give recognition to the company’s stockists and distributors who are able to blaze a trail in the marketplace for GANO products. The top brass at the GANO main headquarters in Malaysia make it a point that they personally pay tribute to their achievers in many countries of the world whenever their schedule would allow it, which is often, for these executives really consider recognition of achievement , a priority. I heard that they already invested in an office in the Philippines. I hope they invested in for fire hoses for their office.

Visit the GANO iTouch website at for information or call telephone nos: 706.3137 and 706.3152 for more details.

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