The Tale of Your First Zit

At the beginning, you had glowing clear skin. That may last until your thirteenth birthday when to your utter dismay a pimple may have grown.

Acne can be rid of with different skin care products available in the market. Ideally, acne should be treated by normalizing the skin renewal process or exfoliation; killing the p. acnes bacteria; reducing the inflammation; and regulating oil production. Continue reading »

Changing Lives Forever Through Operation Smile


Not many can say that they’ve changed lives for the better. Not many can claim that a life was lived well in constant service to another.

In the 30 years that Operation Smile has been working, it has given smiles to over 24,000 surgeries in the Philippines, which is where the operation began. Now, it has given smiles and changed forever to the lives of over 200,000 children and young adults – a feat that surely not anybody can catch up to any time soon. Continue reading »

Keep that Zit in Check by Kicking the Habit

We’re guilty. There’s no need to hide. We are at one point or another guilty of gross habits that aggravate our skin. They say that habits are hard to kill but it should be worth killing if the end result is good clear healthy skin like we’ve always wanted.

Some may think that their habits – like sleeping facedown on their pillows or even forgetting to wash our faces after a long day at work or school – have no consequences, however the repercussions could be unforgivable. Interestingly, some habits are paired with other unhealthy habits that aggravate the skin more. Just imagine how much abuse your skin gets with every habit combining by the year’s end. Continue reading »

BagsGo is Your Go To Bag


We’ve heard so much about the importance of protecting the environment and off reducing your carbon footprint. As a mom we I believe that we should never underestimate  our kids. They’re a lot smarter than we give them credit  for and they can understand the importance of  protecting the environment. And with understanding often comes action.  So help them understand the need to protect Mother Earth. Continue reading »

Las Piñas City Celebrates 7th Parol Festival


Las Piñas once again proved that it is ‘the lantern capital of Metro Manila’ as residents of its barangays showed their ingenuity in creating the best Christmas parols (lanterns) using recycled and indigenous materials at the 7th Parol Festival’s lantern-making competition.

“We are pleased that the Parol Festival is becoming popular not only here in Metro Manila but in other parts of the country as well. I always promote the festival when I attend festivals in other provinces. This is a big boost to our three-generation parol-making industry,” said Cynthia Villar, Managing Director of the Villar Foundation, which is in charge of the yearly festival. Continue reading »

Villar Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance Innaguration

Mrs Cynthia Villar yesterday led the inauguration of the Villar Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance (Villar Sipag) which will serve as a home for Filipinos especially for Las Piñas City residents to raise them out of poverty. Continue reading »

Car Crazee Grand Car and Gadget Show Party

carcrazeeCarCrazee’s Grand Car & Gadget Show Party will bring together the young and veteran car and gadget enthusiasts and social influencers from all over Metro Manila. As the first ever social gathering, the convention is slated to offer a variety of the coolest and newest gadgets and the best custom modified cars in the Philippines! Continue reading »

Putting on a Face: Choosing Proper Skin Remedies


Is that pimple putting a frown on your face? Pimples can be caused by anything from unhealthy eating to sleeping with an unwashed face after that Saturday night party. Many have tried different – if not weird – ways to rid their faces of the horrible mark.

Some have tried remedies succeed and live on to tell the tale – and recommend their remedy to everyone within hearing range. Other remedies don’t and those who failed shamefully live with the mark until the scar disappears after a few years, which should not be an option at all. Continue reading »

Acne Sucks!: Acne may suck but life doesn’t have to

Acne Sucks!: Acne may suck but life doesn’t have to

Acne can make anyone want to claw at their faces and scratch that horrid mark until it’s gone. When a pimple remains standing free and defiant despite anyone’s best efforts of keeping their skins blemish free, it is tempting to scratch and pick at it until it pops.

It’s no wonder that no one can stand acne. It hurts and stings like a termite bite and it bleeds when it’s popped. Big or small, one or one hundred, acne makes the skin look terrible and therefore makes you look terrible packaged together with the uncomfortable experience of imbalanced hormones and unclean skin. Continue reading »

WWF Calls for Firm Limits on Tuna Fisheries to Address Overfishing

Manila, Philippines: WWF urges the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) to adopt pragmatic measures for limiting the catch of species in the Western Central Pacific Ocean in an effort to stem overfishing occurring in the region.

“The implementation of these measures represents the foundation of a sustainably-managed fishery,” says WWF´s Smart Fishing Initiative Western Central Pacific Tuna Programme Officer Alfred Cook. Continue reading »