The Newcomer To Your Routine


When it comes to looking good and maintaining our figure, we all have our routines: eat healthily, exercise regularly, cleanse, tone and moisturize. When it comes to hair care however, our commitment to routine varies. Continue reading »

Pinnaclife Launches Wound Care System in Manila

Our first defense is our skin, and we should take care of  our skin and research are made to make sure that the skin is taken care of naturally.  Wound is the first thing that have to be avoided by the skin, for the tiniest wound could be the entry point of bad bacteria that could affect the entire system of  the body. Continue reading »

Purchasing Louisiana Auto Insurance

The insurance business is highly competitive, and if you want to get the best deal doing your research is critical for saving money. Every state has different laws when it comes to getting insurance for your car and taking the time to understand the law in your state is a good idea. You can get Louisiana auto insurance in your home state at an affordable price by many companies and some even offer discount to people based in their home city. Continue reading »

We Need Stronger Mining Laws


Families are suffering now: wives, children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. It seems like coruption for the sake of money, money and more money, no matter what it takes, is everywhere you look! Today, the safety of miners and their families is the least of the mining operators’ worries! These hard-working, but suffering or even dead, men were everything to their families, but no doubt, just a number to the operator. It’s sad that it can never be changed, but the health, safety and labor issues can still be made right by having stronger  legal mining activities. Continue reading »

Lucido-L New Hair Make Supplement takes centerstage


One of Japan’s top ladies’ hairstyling brands and Singapore’s no.1 ladies’ hairstyling brand is now available in the Philippines.
Lúcido-L Hair Supplement is the answer for soft, manageable, beautiful hair. It lessens the hassles and reverses the damage brought about by other hair treatment products. According to Hirotsogu Ohashi, General Manager for Mandom Philippines Corporation, Lúcido-L, “aims to provide long lasting, moisturizing treatment by restoring your hair’s natural moisture retaining system.”At the recently concluded launch of Lúcido-L, Ohashi explains, “The main reason for split ends and curls falling flat is due to lack of moisture in our hair.”Healthy hair should have the ability to retain moisture. This is where Cell Membrane Complex, or CMC, plays a vital role. A CMC-like ingredient is present in all Lúcido-L products. Continue reading »

Samsung engineers a love-filled home

2013-03-19 19.11.23

Global brand Samsung Digital Home Appliances redefines home living with an array of technologically advanced appliances designed to meet the demands of modern families while affording them means to spend more quality time together. During the recent dealer’s launch at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City aptly dubbed “[email protected],” Samsung unveiled its latest innovations in home appliances that will redefine the way Filipino families make their homes a cozy and love-filled abode. Continue reading »

Waterboy by Greenfocus

2013-03-13 13.02.12

GREENFOCUS is a dynamic Technology and Engineering consulting firm, was formed through a merger between two strategic US companies with a passion for technology and for people: GreenFoot Technologies and PowerFocus Engineering. Continue reading »

Top Asian Celebrities Support Earth Hour 2013

Celebrities from across Asia are leading global ambassador efforts for Earth Hour, lending their voices while inspiring lasting and meaningful actions for the planet.

Joining Earth Hour global ambassador Jessica Alba are Marc Nelson, Rovilson Fernandez, Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski, Nadya Hutagalung and Pevita Pearce. Some of Asia’s biggest names are now supporting the world’s biggest environmental movement, now on its seventh year. Continue reading »

The Philippine SME Business Expo 2013


The Philippine SME Business Expo 2013 – Your Business Gateway, held their press conference on March 14, 2013 at the elegant Hotel Celeste, located in Makati City. The event featured various influential personalities of the business industry, namely Celebrity Social Entrepreneur, Illac Diaz, Esquire Financing Inc. CEO, Rajan Uttamchandani, TV Host and founder of Lead Out Coaching and Consultancy Inc., Judah Paolo, motivational Speaker and Director of Registered Financial Planner Institute Philippines, Randell Tiongson, Beauty and Wellness Guru, Cory Quirino. The event was hosted by business correspondent Michelle Orosa-Ople. Continue reading »

A Chance to Smile for Kids with Cleft Deformities

Kids have every right to live a happy life. Their smiles are proof that we see them living a happy childhood but some children are burdened by cleft palates.
How many chances can a child with a facial deformity such as a cleft lip or palate have to smile? They are limited. Limited by a deformity they neither chose to be born with nor to live with. It is their burden to bear from the time they are born to the day they die if left without intervention. Lucky for Filipino children and young adults alike, the odds are in their favor.
They are given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change their lives for the better. A partnership has been formed and it is an ideal partnership for healing scars of missed chances and unfortunate situations. Continue reading »