Regatta Opens New Concept Store



Regatta, the go-to brand for leisurewear and relaxation outdoors, opens a new store featuring a fresh look and wider leisurewear collection that includes home products inspired by the relaxed lifestyle the brand exudes. Continue reading »

Raise The Bar With Samsung NX300


Great moments usually happen in lightning speed that’s why Samsung, the global leader in digital technology, stepped up to the challenge to come up with its fastest camera to date. The new Samsung NX300 raises the bar of excellence in smart cameras with its record-breaking features that will delight every photography enthusiast. Continue reading »

Love Your Feet Use Dr Kong Shoes


drkongDr Kong Healthy Shoes Shop was first established in the year 1999. Currently there are now over 200 branches across Asia: 60 in Hong Kong, 133 in China, several branches in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.  As of May 2013, Dr Kong Healthy Shoes Shop has 5 Branches and a total target of 8-10 shops by the end of 2013. Continue reading »

Louisiana auto insurance


When purchasing Louisiana auto insurance there are certain decisions you will need to make before you begin your search for the insurance. You need to decide what kind of auto insurance coverage you want to get and your budget for the insurance.

You shouldn’t have any problem finding an insurance company that will meet your needs but you have to know what coverage you need before you start shopping for insurance. It is important to bear in mind that many options are available with the various companies selling insurance in Louisiana. Continue reading »

TENA Brings Elderly Care to the Next Level

tena family packshot


Staying healthy and being able to enjoy the simple joys of life is a precious.  Though aging is unavoidable, staying healthy can be achieved with regular health care privileges and regular checkups.

Tena Adult Diapers, the understanding specialist in adult incontinence, understands the importance of primary healthcare for the elderly and recognizes the dedication of their families who look after them.
Continue reading »

Adam Kutner Sees Slip and Fall Victims Aided by New Court Decision

Serious injuries can result from a fall at someone’s home or place of business. Just because a person slips and falls because of a foreign substance on a floor or because of a dangerous condition does not automatically establish liability on the part of the property owner. Personal injury attorney such as Adam Kutner know that compensation for damages suffered by an accident victim in Nevada depends on proving negligence on the part of the property owner.

A Property Owner’s Reasonable Care Obligation

In a 1962 decision, the Nevada Supreme Court established the standard for the duty property owners owe to people injured on their land. The court ruled that owners do not insure the safety of people on their land but only owe them the duty to keep the property free of unsafe and dangerous conditions or to warn people of their existence.

Following the decision in 1962, Nevada trial courts freed a property owner of liability in cases where a person on the property should have seen and avoided a hazard that was open and obvious.

Open and Obvious Conditions Rule

Attorney Adam Kutner represents individuals who sustain serious injuries in falls on other people’s property. He is aware of the problems the so-called “open and obvious conditions rule” has posed for personal injury claimants in Nevada. Trial courts have dismissed accident victims’ claims where the condition on the property that caused the accident was open and obvious. The dismissals essentially freed property owners of their duty to warn a person of a condition the accident victim should have seen.

According to Kutner, a recent decision by the Nevada Supreme Court might have ended or severely restricted use of the open and obvious conditions rule to deny compensation to slip and fall victims.

Restoring the Duty of Reasonable Care

The Nevada Supreme Court ruling came in a case involving a customer who tripped over the corner of a wooden pallet while shopping. Store employees had placed the pallet in an aisle used by shoppers. The customer claimed he could not see the corner of the pallet that was covered by a cardboard box. The customer fell and was seriously injured. His lawsuit against the store cited the failure of the owners to use reasonable care because the pallet represented a dangerous condition.

The trial court dismissed the lawsuit and agreed with the store’s owners, who claimed the pallet was an open and obvious condition that the customer should have taken precautions to avoid. The Supreme Court disagreed and sent the case back for a trial.

The appeals court said the fact that the pallet was an open and obvious danger did not absolve the store from its duty to either remove it or warn the customer of the danger. The court said the jury in such a case could find the store liable for breaching its duty of reasonable care, but it could also reduce the award of damages by the degree of fault it places on the customer.

Samsung Perfect Match for Business and Productivity

I recently visited an advertising agency which used Samsung technology to service the needs of their company. According to their CEO Samsung has the perfect equipment to meet their demands. From high-performance monitors to efficient desktop printers, Samsung has them covered and they  take full advantage of a perfect partnership that can last for a long time. Continue reading »

CEMEX holds ‘Cine Mento’ for partners

CEMEX prides itself on being an engaged corporate citizen in all the communities in which we operate around the world.

Their mission is to serve the global building needs of our customers and build value for our stakeholders by becoming the world’s most efficient and profitable building solutions company. Continue reading »

Are You On Sulit? is an online classified ads which caters products ranging from the latest gadgets to land properties. There’s a lot of ads which you can view from their interactive website.  It was spearheaded by Mr. RJ David and his wife Arianne and started in Sept. 11, 2006. They came up with this website because they want to reach out to Filipinos who love to shop online and post free ads online. During that time that I signed up, registration process can be made by completing the requirements needed to be a certified Sulitizen. Also, you have the option to linked it to any Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Facebook account.

I opted to integrate it to my facebook account , so I can track down my transactions on their website. They came up with an accessible login for every Sulitizens. Continue reading »

DOH, MSD, Medical Societies Come Together to Prevent Cervical Cancer


The Department of Health (DOH), global pharmaceutical company MSD, and medical societies hope to go full circle for this year’s Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM)in May, and strike directly at the source of cervical cancer—the human papillomavirus or HPV.

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in both men and women. It is the virus that generally causes cervical cancer. According to the World Health Organization, cervical cancer is the second most common cancer afflicting women worldwide with about 500,000 new cases and approximately 250,000 deaths each year. In the Philippines, an estimated 12 Filipino women die due to cervical cancer each day. Continue reading »