Louie Manalastas: London Is an Excellent Vacation Destination Any Time of Year

According to avid traveler Louie Manalastas, London is the perfect place to take a vacation any time of year. It’s one of the world’s best-known cities and has attractions galore. This capital city in England offers the perfect mix of historical and modern, intellectual and artistic, and elegant and rough. It’s a city that requires weeks and multiple trips to fully appreciate. London will have something to offer everyone you bring, so taking the whole family is easy. Louie Manalastas certainly thinks so. He recently traveled to London with his wife and son and had an amazing time. Continue reading »

Clipper Mania Hits Manila


Clipper Super Lighter, the world’s number one refillable lighter, has finally arrived in Manila. Known for its iconic designs and collectible lines, Clipper Super Lighter has become a collector’s item the world over, transcending the staple functionality of a lighter into a display statement.

The exclusive Philippine importer and distributor of Clipper Super Lighter is ADP Industries Corporation, which has made a name for itself for introducing globally renowned fast-moving consumer goods to the country. Its portfolio varies from tobacco accessories, food items such as confectioneries, snacks, wines, and beverages, to personal care and specialty/novelty products. Continue reading »

Sell an item on AyosDito.ph and WIN CASH




When the mid-year strikes, shopping is blown wide open for all types of shoppers: fashionistas, techie guys, yuppies and moms! With every brand of clothing, gadget store and specialty boutiques rolling out their mid-year sale banners; the rush to shop until you drop is far too exciting to resist. But where to find the extra cash for shopping is a whole different story. Continue reading »

6th National HR Summit



Seminars are designed to give you tons of usable content on a variety of topics. The other purpose of a seminar is to get you introduced to several experts in a short amount of time.When you hear someone you like who is able to speak to “you” and your situation, it is only natural that you would want more from that person. You wish you could just sit side-by-side with that person and suck them dry of their knowledge and experience for the rest of the week! You want more than their measly speaking slot allowed for, right? Continue reading »




This is my nephew Brox and he plays the guitar. He does other musical instruments too!!  Want him to learn how to playa  kid drum at guitar center. Give him a few hours and he’ll get into it. I miss him so much!!  Brox is off to college in August where he’ll be taking up music. I know you’ll make us proud.

Pinoy Auto Trade is Now Part of Sulit.Com.Ph

Photo: Have you heard the news about Pinoy Auto Trader & Sulit.com.ph? http://bit.ly/15eptZB

Pinoy Auto Trader was recently acquired by the no.1 buy and sell website in the Philippines – Sulit.com.ph.

Not only has this Launch enabled them identify their transition into the Sulit.com.ph group of companies but has also provided them with a venue to formally launch version 2.0. of the Pinoy Auto Trader website. In addition to the major aesthetic changes to the design, they have also implemented additional features to better serve a wider audience of car buyers and sellers in the Philippines. Continue reading »


Like the 5 winners of the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Summer Challenge, you can also shape up your lifestyle with NESTLÉ FITNESSE!

Maintaining a fit and healthy body is important, especially for career-oriented, young professionals who are quickly going up the corporate ladder. Yet onerous work demands, never-ending deadlines, and the hassles of the daily grind can make you easily forget your promise to stay healthy and fit. Continue reading »

Rex Altree: Why Proper Windshield Installation Matters

When you’re searching for a good auto glass repair and replacement shop, don’t forgo quality for price. It’s much more important to find an auto glass company, such as Rex Altree’s NewImage Auto Glass, that offers both high quality and competitive pricing. Rex Altree’s company uses high-quality materials and staffs well-trained technicians who know what they’re doing. Here’s why quality is so important when it comes to repairing or replacing your windshield. Continue reading »

Singapore Prospers As a World Leader in Business, Technology and Science

A former British trading colony, Singapore continues as a busy hub of international trade and commerce. Singapore’s deep-water port is among the busiest in tonnage in the world. Although its 710 square kilometer land area makes it the smallest country in Southeast Asia and one of the smallest in the world, Singapore is a multicultural city-state making its mark as a world leader in business, technology and science. Continue reading »

Rhino Deck: Creating an Eco-Friendly Deck

An outdoor deck is a great place to relax, dine and visit with family. It’s also one of the best ways for suburban and city dwellers to enjoy and connect with nature. Rhino Deck is committed to the environment, and to green products that minimize pollution and make the best use of recycled materials. Rhino Deck shares some tips on how you can build a deck that not only makes the most of nature, but also is as eco-friendly as possible. Continue reading »