Louie Manalastas: London Is an Excellent Vacation Destination Any Time of Year

According to avid traveler Louie Manalastas, London is the perfect place to take a vacation any time of year. It’s one of the world’s best-known cities and has attractions galore. This capital city in England offers the perfect mix of historical and modern, intellectual and artistic, and elegant and rough. It’s a city that requires weeks and multiple trips to fully appreciate. London will have something to offer everyone you bring, so taking the whole family is easy. Louie Manalastas certainly thinks so. He recently traveled to London with his wife and son and had an amazing time.

While London has innumerable attractions, there are definitely some highlights that are universally appealing. Here are a few that stand out from the crowd:

The Tower of London

This is probably the most famous attraction in London. Louie Manalastas didn’t miss it when he was in London with his family. Standing proudly in the center of the city, this 11th century Norman fort has grown over the centuries from a garrison tower for defense of the town to a large, sprawling complex with multiple buildings that became a royal residence, then a prison, and now a museum and historical landmark. This is the place where such notable historical figures as Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, and Katherine Howard were executed and are buried. It has a reputation for being haunted. Graffiti in the form of stone carvings from various historical periods are found throughout the tower buildings. For many, this is the number one must-see attraction in London.

Buckingham Palace

The official royal residence of the modern monarchy, this is usually a popular stop on all visits to London. People love to stand outside the impressive palace and watch the uniformed guards march back and forth in perfect step. People stare in awe at the guards, known for being immune from distraction while on duty. Buckingham Palace is probably the most photographed building in London and is usually near the top of the list of what most visitors want to see.

The Abbey Road Crosswalk

This iconic crosswalk was featured on the cover of The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album. Nearly everyone around the world has seen the image of the four Beatles walking in line across this road with its wide white block markings. Tourists flock there by the thousands every year to try to recreate the album cover on their own. Not surprisingly, it is a site of some accidents and many near misses with pedestrians and cars as people try to get their pictures. Still, its popularity has not waned in the 40 years since the original picture was taken.

Westminster Abbey

This large and opulent cathedral is the final resting place of many of the most notable figures in Britain’s history. Royalty, famous writers, notable political figures and more are all interred here. The opportunity to visit tangible reminders of the tenure of these ancient people on the earth is compelling. For many, the monuments in the Abbey are the closest they will ever get to genuine royalty. Louie Manalastas certainly felt in awe of the historical significance of his visit to the Abbey. It is an experience that is not to be missed.

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