What to do with a lotto jackpot win


It’s the dilemma that we’d all like to have to deal with. Every time anyone buys a lottery ticket they’re likely to have that same daydream moment – “what would I do with all that money?”

Playing the UK National Lottery you’d have a sizeable dilemma on your hands – over the history of the National Lottery since 1994, average jackpot win has been £2.8 million. But if you want to have a real dilemma on your hands, you should head to a powerball lottery site where you could win over $400 million in one go.

However, here are a few ideas on how you could begin to make a dent in a mega-jackpot.

  • Buy a retreat from the world – there are all kinds of expensive properties that you could buy. Buy one that’s surrounded by several hundreds of acres so you could live in splendid isolation or maybe even buy your own island. You could get through millions this way!
  • Many new lotto winners buy a new car when they get their cheque. But if you really wanted to use up some of your win quickly, you could buy a couple of Bugatti Veyrons – available at only £1.4m apiece. Other forms of transport you could blow some money on would be a private jet for £15m or a luxury yacht for £13m.
  • You could also make the ultimate show of devotion as a football fan and buy your local footie team. That could take care of another £30m or so.

Whatever you have in mind of how to spend your lotto win, there’s no point dreaming until you’ve got yourself in with a chance to win. The easiest way to buy tickets is to get them online, and then you never have to worry about losing your tickets and not being able to claim your prize – when it happens!