Pinocchio by Repertory Philippines

After more than 45 years of staging high quality theater productions in the country, Repertory Philippines will be presenting their theatrical production for young audiences this year with the story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet that comes to life with the help of the Blue Fairy and who dreams of becoming a real boy someday. According to Joy Virata, Children’s Theater Artistic Director, six different children will be playing the lead role. “I have had the pleasure of using the incredible talent of acting and singing coach Baby Barredo to whom I entrusted the task of training six young actors who lay the part of Pinocchio. Why six? Because sometimes we have multiple shows on weekdays and weekends and the role of Pinocchio is taxing both physically and mentally and has to be shared,” she said. Continue reading »

Cover Up Pimples Without Making It Worse

When you wake up to find a big angry pimple on your face, you may be tempted to pop it, dry it out, then apply concealer, hoping that no one will notice it.  But did you know that doing that can lead to infection, making your pimple bigger and angrier than ever?  Popping a pimple makes it an open wound, and putting makeup on broken skin is never a good idea. Also, a lot of makeup can clog pores, which is really the reason for pimples and blemishes in the first place.

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Serving Nutritious Meals with Safe Tableware


When it comes to serving healthy meals for your family, using safe and quality tableware is almost as important as the quality of food you put in it. It would be futile to spend time, effort, and money in cooking a nutritious feast if the plates and bowls you serve it with contain dangerous chemicals that can seep into the food, harming your family’s health. Continue reading »

Why Oil Can Clean Your Face Better Than Soap

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You may be thinking, “Oil attracts dirt and clogs pores, how can it be better at cleaning my face?!”  Well, keep in mind that your skin naturally produces oil to protect the skin barrier and keep skin moisturized, soft, and supple.  When you wash your face with harsh soaps, the skin’s natural oils are stripped away, leaving skin tight and dry. Continue reading »

Globe MyBusiness and Gawad Kalinga create a nation of builders

Globe myBusiness takes part in Gawad Kalinga’s efforts to create a nation of builders. We hope you can share this to your readers and followers as they might be an interesting read for them.

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Globe and Gawad Kalinga team up in becoming nation builders by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to residents of GK Villages in various parts of the country.  Continue reading »

Globe launches biggest mobile recycling program

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Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom launches today (August 22) the biggest mobile recycling program in the Philippines to create awareness on proper electronic waste (e-waste) disposal and help counter its harmful effects on health and the environment.

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The Beauty of Las Pinas City Photo Contest

Leed Inc., the developer of Paseo Verde Condominium in Las Pinas City, in coordination with the Liga ng Barangay of Las Pinas City held recently a photo contest entitled as “The Beauty of Las Pinas City.”

It was attended by Dr. Ferdinand Eusebio , Head of City Health, Las Pinas City Reginaldo dela Cruz, Project Director, Paseo Verde and Las Pinas City Barangay Secretary, Leonilo Castro. Friends and other Baranggay staff and officials are also there to witness the event.

Paseo Verde Condominium as well as the Liga ng Barangay of Las Pinas City office pasilitates the said contest to encourage all the people in Las Pinas to maintain the beauty of city.

Globe Telecom holds Philippines’ first digital lifestyle expo

Digital innovations are changing the way we live and communicate. Technology experts have seen the rise of new trends in consumer behavior as mobile device usage continues to increase.

Every day, people are more drawn into living the digital lifestyle. The increased ubiquity of smartphones, tablets and similar gadgets, the birth of innovative data plans, and the abundance of various apps are shaping the way Filipinos live, communicate and connect with each other. What they download, explore, and share online define their identity and lifestyle as digital citizens. Continue reading »

Globe Enhances Network Resiliency, Protection Systems

To provide access to voice, SMS and data services even in the midst of natural calamities, Globe has strengthened the resiliency of its network and protection system by redesigning its wireless network and establishing system and site redundancy.

Globe has also enhanced the design of its infrastructures in typhoon-stricken areas by introducing the use of a tower solution that accelerates service restoration. The company is also expanding the deployment of “cell on wheels”—mobile cell sites that provide expanded coverage and capacity during special events or emergencies. Continue reading »