The Baby Dry Pampers and Pampers First Book

“Research suggests that helping to keep babies dry during sleep is one factor which may minimise disruption of sleep due to discomfort, environmental stimulation or temperature alterations,” said partner pediatrician Dr. Apple Alfonso. “Dryness is therefore important because it will help ensure that babies’ skin is kept at a constant, appropriate temperature and free from irritation,” she explained. Continue reading »

Globe customers first to experience Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge

Globe Telecom is giving its customers first dibs on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge as it welcomes the arrival of Samsung’s latest devices in select Globe stores starting Friday, March 27. Continue reading »

Philam Life offers Filipinos financial protection even at early stages of a critical illness

Displaying Philam Life Health Invest launch photo.jpg\

Health is seen as a top concern of Filipinos – as they tend to prioritize their and their family’s health. Health setbacks, especially life-threatening critical illnesses, after all, can cost much and derail the family’s finances, while taking away precious moments that the family could have spent together.

This was found by the “AIA Survey on Middle Class Hopes and Aspirations ” conducted by Philam Life’s parent company, AIA, the leading pan-Asian insurance group.  The study revealed that “being healthy” is one of the top goals in life among middle class Filipinos. More so, “unexpected emergencies” and “healthcare costs” are the top concerns among the respondents. Continue reading »

The melding of science, art and beauty at CAVA


What is quality make-up artistry education? More than just a module on how to appreciate and create all things visually appealing, it is a fusion of science, art and beauty. And this is what the Center of Aesthetics and Visual Arts (CAVA) is all about.

As the latest advancement in aesthetics education, CAVA emphasizes the importance of content and methodology in molding future make-up professionals and polishing the skills of recognized artisans.

CAVA offers the most extensive and complete courses in a wide variety of fields. The beginner’s course provides budding make-up artists a comprehensive discussion on “Fundamentals of Beauty Make-up”. It include lessons on Function of each Make-up Brush, Color Theory, Importance of Base Matching, Correction and Concealing Techniques, Eye and Lip Treatments, Appropriate Make-up for a Specific Events, Introduction to Wedding Make-up, Introduction to Avantgarde Make-up, and Introduction to Photography Make-up.

Meanwhile, the “Advanced Beauty Make-up” introduces more intricate topics on beauty and make-up application. Those who have mastered the fundamentals of makeup will learn Print Photography, Speed & precision make-up for Fashion Shows, Period Makeup, and Introduction to SFX & Character Make-up.

True to its title as the learning hub for both up-and-coming artists and established names in the industry, CAVA also have Programs like basic and advanced airbrush, multimedia make-up and multi-racial bridal make-up.

Each course is specifically designed to provide complete make-up experience. There is a perfect balance and combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on activities.

Through research and preparation, CAVA constructed assignments and lab sessions that will suit each student’s learning style. This way, they will not only build a solid foundation for each topic but will also be able to master [

CAVA also takes pride of its roster of world-class mentors that have earned their makeup artistry degrees and training in renowned institutions like the Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty, London School of Make-up, and New York Make-up Designory.

What’s more, CAVA has partnered with international cosmetics brands such as Laura Mercier and MAC, and with Digital Traincase for the RCMA and Viseart line of products to be up-to-date with the trends and innovations in the make-up industry.

Without a doubt, CAVA is the center of excellence, allowing students to reach the pinnacle of their dreams because it is where science, art, and beauty meet.

Start your journey with CAVA today, call +632.504.CAVA (2282) or +63917.683.CAVA (2282) and look for Faith De Chavez. For more information, check out their website or visit them at 3rd floor Victoria Towers Commercial Building, Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

A Cat’s Tale: Meowing for the right kind of food

Good Morning #JoeyCouchCatPotato

Many Filipino pet owners feed their cats scraps from their own plate. It’s time to break this bad habit. Experts warn that table scraps are not scientifically formulated for pets and can upset a cat’s digestive system, which could lead to diarrhea, vomiting and appetite loss. Continue reading »

No Accountability

There is no way President Benigno Aquino III is going to admit any personal responsibility for his actions, or regret for them. If he made a statement using the word ‘regret’ it will be perfectly crafted so that he actually regrets nothing about his own actions, yet it will be enough for De Lima, the Palace Spokesmen and those around him to say he expressed it. Continue reading »

Sergeant Canine at your Service: Working Dogs Need Care Too


Working dogs are a class apart from their fellow canines because of their impressive abilities to help humanity. As early as the 1920s, certain dog breeds were already being used to help blind veterans in Germany during World War I. Today, they are widely seen on duty as bomb sniffers, guard dogs, therapy dogs, or guide dogs doing a wide range of tasks to ensure humans’ safety, health, and security.

The Pet Food Institute and the Veterinary Practitioners of the Philippines have a longstanding commitment in delivering the importance of responsible pet ownership among pet owners. With their Well Fed, Well Nurtured campaign, PFI and VPAP also reaches out to all dog owners, including handlers and trainers to encourage proper pet nutrition and pet care. Continue reading »

Shameless Selfie


Selfie here, group photo there. In this day and age where we’re obsessed with capturing the moment and uploading our pictures online, and we can’t help but feel the need to look presentable all the time. At Columbus Ohio functional medicine doctors there is no surprise that people are becoming more fashionable, or fashown. However, when it comes to skincare, people tend to overlook this, thinking it’s easy to just cover up blemishes and wrinkles with photo editing apps. In real life though, there is no app to edit our skin, and make up can only go so far. It’s a good thing there is a natural supplement that is packed with ingredients that have been used in maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Continue reading »