Trans-Asia Renewable Energy Corporation VP Danilo Panes, Green Convergence president Dr. Angelina Galang, DENR USEC Jonas Leones, TPB’s Joanne Cuenta and Energy Development Corporation president and COO Richard Tantoco

The 1st Philippine Environment Summit, a celebration of the Philippine environmental movement, was held on Feb 9 to 11 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. The 3-day event showcased programs and projects, as well as breakthroughs and innovations that contribute to the social and economic advancement, while protecting the environment. There will also be an exhibit area featuring eco-friendly products and services for blue yeti mic stand

With “Greening Together, Growing Better” as theme, the summit will feature renowned leaders of government, the church, environment, civic organizations and academia as plenary and resource speakers in breakout sessions and as exhibitors. Also attending the event are lead members of environmental civil society organizations, leaders of government and business, as well as individual and institutional environmentalists.

President Benigno Aquino III, Luis Cardinal Tagle, former SC Justice Reynato Puno, and internationally renowned environmental activists Dr. David Suzuki and Dr. Vandana Shiva are some of the invited speakers, while leading Presidential aspirants in the coming national elections will be asked to present their environmental agendas.

The Summit is co-organized by the Green Convergence — a large coalition of environmental and developmental organizations, networks, faith-based groups and individuals — with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR). Also supporting the event are the Energy Development Corporation, Tourism Promotions Board, Foundation of the Philippine Environment, PTFCF and Trans-Asia Renewable Energy.

The main objectives of the Summit are to disseminate information to the public on the developments, achievements, challenges, programs and projects in relation to food safety, environment and natural resource protection and conservation and sustainable economy; strengthen and energize networking between and within the public and private sector and within and across various sectors and groups, formulate policy recommendations; and showcase convergence initiatives between and /or among government, civil society, business, and other sectors of society.
“In celebrating the advancements in environmental protection achieved through private and public initiatives, we hope to create an opportunity for all sectors to unite and collaborate,” says Green Convergence president Dr. Angelina Galang. “The 1st Philippine Environment Summit is a call to government and the Filipino people to unite in accelerating the drive towards national sustainable development.”

The Summit will be plenary sessions in the morning and breakout sessions in the afternoon, and a simultaneous three-day exhibit. Another highlight of the event is an awards ceremony recognizing LGU eco-champions. It concludes with the environment movement’s resolution for specific desired actions by the most influential sectors – government and business – that will protect the environment in pursuit of sustainable development in the Philippines.

To register for participation, join the exhibits, or know more about the 1st Philippine Environment Summit, call 225 7330 or visit greenconvergencephil on Facebook.

Raising a generation of Champions 

From the grandest arenas to the humblest classrooms, champions can be found everywhere and every day, each displaying an active body and mind that allow them to excel both physically and mentally. Leading beverage brand, MILO Philippines, has a long-standing history of celebrating these champions all around the country and has continued to support them with the winning energy they need to stay active. That is because with an active body and mind, they are given every opportunity to be a champion in sports and in life.

Now after 150 years of celebrating champions, MILO recognizes that before them, the coaches and teachers, there has been a consistent figure in the lives of our champions that had helped nurture and develop them – mom.

“Often found in the background, moms have been among the consistent figures behind our MILO champions and now we are taking the initiative to recognize them for the continuous love and support they give us. For over 150 years, we’ve recognized MILO champions around the country and now it is time to recognize our MILO moms,” said Ellen Isturis, MILO Brand Leader.

MILO Moms understand that every kid has the potential to be a champion and they work tirelessly to give them every opportunity to realize it. Whether it is on the field or off it, a MILO Mom consistently aims to give her kids an active body and mind, making them physically and mentally prepared for the challenges they’ll face as students and athletes. Whatever obstacles the fast-paced and competitive world throws at them, moms are always there cheering from the sidelines.

MILO moms also inspire confidence. They let their kids know that they’ve got their back through thick and thin and encourage them to do their very best in whatever they do. To them, true victory isn’t defined by landing on the podium. Instead, it is all about perseverance and growing up to become good-natured, respectful, disciplined, and responsible individuals.

Popular sportscaster and mother of two active boys, Patricia Bermudez-Hizon is a proclaimed MILO Mom in her own right: “My kids are getting into all sorts of sports and academic activities. We play and do school work together. It’s a good way to spend time with them to let them know we want to be there for the tough grind.”

Being a champion has never been easy, let alone raising one. Just like any other hobby or even teaching them to Learn Bass Guitar.That is why MILO has introduced its new formula with Activ-Go designed to energize both body and mind of kids so they can reach their full potential both physically and mentally. With the help of moms, MILO is on a mission to continue raising a breed of champions in sports and life.

“To have the energy to perform well in school and in sports is important not just for my kids’ development, but also for me as a Mom. I want to make sure they are equipped with the nourishing energy they need to perform in both aspects of their life,” added Bermudez-Hizon.

“MILO recognizes the important role moms have for their kids. The world is getting more competitive, which can daunt a child if he doesn’t have someone supporting him in the sidelines. From the very beginning, MILO Moms have been there for them.