5 Affordable Gifts for Country Boys




Do you have to lasso your cowboy to bring him in for dinner? Does your husband love the sound of revving trucks more than his own child’s laughter? If you have a proud southerner in your life, here are just a few gifts that will bring a smile to his face on his next birthday or anniversary.



  1. Bumper Stickers


Bumper stickers make a great stocking stuffer. It doesn’t matter if they’re serious statements of political opinions or goofy jokes about anatomy; all men love proclaiming things on the backs of their trucks, so you’re sure to score a home run with a bumper sticker gift.



  1. Weapon Accessories


While it’s risky and even illegal in some states to buy weapons for another person, you can’t go wrong with weapon <i>accessories</i>. For example, you might buy him a gun safe or a shoulder holster. Not only will it be a very convenient present, it will show that you support his right to bear arms under the Second Amendment.



  1. Survival Gear


If your boyfriend loves rolling up his sleeves and living off the land, consider getting him some kind of hunting or survival equipment for when he’s knee-deep in the woods. Basic supplies include knives, binoculars and backpacks; a more advanced present might be something like a handheld GPS device. You might also consider buying him a first-aid kit if he’s the type to ignore injuries until they go away.



  1. Military Memorabilia


If he’s a history buff, he’s sure to love relics from the Civil War. The good news is that you can find everything from old uniforms to military field manuals online, so all you have to do is locate a shop specializing in wartime memorabilia and you’re all set!



  1. Household Items


If you’re looking for a basic present that doesn’t mean a lot, consider getting him something small and simple. For example, a rebel flag key chain doesn’t make any promises about a second date, and a mug with a southern sports team on it doesn’t mean that you’ve agreed to his proposal. They’re noncommittal gifts that will show you care without being overly familiar.



These are just a few ways to surprise your boyfriend on your next anniversary. As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the perfect gift. As long as it’s thoughtful and fun, he’s sure to love it.


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