Power Man Duathlon

An activity that is getting a lot of attention lately is Duathlon.What is a duathlon?
A duathlon is a competition that is composed of running and biking. The usual format for a duathlon is run-bike-run, meaning you start with a run, then transition to the bike, then transition back to running again. Your time starts when you start the race, and finishes when you cross the finish line. This means that the time it takes you to switch from running to cycling and back again is part of your race time. In the Philippines while a lot of people are into Triathlon its really mot an easy sport to commit too the trickiest part is finding a decent swimming pool to practice in.

So some are getting into Duathlon instead.

 Powerman Philippines Asian Championships Presented by Summit Drinking Water! Experience the biggest duathlon event of the country on October 08, 2017 at Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga as duathletes compete for the Powerman Classic (10km run-60km bike-10km run) and Powerman Short (5km run-30km bike-5km run)! Enjoy a 10% discount when you use the special code “PMPHSUMMIT” when you register from 12nn of July 19, 2017 to 12nn of July 20, 2019! What are you waiting for? Be part of the biggest duathlon event in the country!
Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas 2017 is a long-distance duathlon event that aims to raise the level of competition in the Philippine duathlon scene. This premier duathlon event will be held in Clark in the province of Pampanga, which is less than a 3-hour drive from the capital Manila. Organized by F&F International Events Group, the event offers a classic category with distances of 10-60-10 km (run-bike-run), a 10-30-10 km sprint and kid’s categories. The event takes place on October 8,2017.

Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas is a qualifying event for the 2018 Powerman ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championships in Zofingen, Switzerland. The event welcomes professional and highly competitive age-group athletes, seasoned multisport athletes who want to take on a different challenge as well as beginner multisport athletes.

For more information, visit www.powerman.ph and follow @powermanph on social media!

A Salute to True Heroes

The act of daily commuting puts pressure on the hands and feet, and on the nerves. With the traffic and the sheer number of commuters out there, commuting conditions are far from ideal for nerves. Crowded vehicles, jostling for position in a full train, standing in a moving bus – these can all take their toll on nerves after some time. 

This is why Merck came up with its Neuropathy Awareness Campaign. This is in line with the company’s WE100 corporate vision of helping humankind live longer, fuller lives of quality and good health, and is intended to educate Filipinos on Neuropathy, its causes and common symptoms, and ways to prevent it from happening.

Merck Inc., maker of Neurobion, in line with it’s Neuropathy Awareness Campaign, recently launched the Nerve Therapy Trip, an upgraded bus ride for commuters that will provide special treats and also educate them about Neuropathy starting August 7 for 25 days. In photo are Merck General Manager Louie Roxas (middle), Merck Marketing Head Ming Cunanan (2nd from right), Neurobion Brand Manager Loy Dy-Buncio (1st from right) joined by (L to R) Ohdie Arce, Joy Cabrera, Dr. Digna Almeida and Maureen Javier.

This campaign brings the spotlight onto the everyday True Heroes, the men and women who work hard daily to take care of the people they care about.

 As Merck Inc.’s Head of Marketing Ming Arroyo-Cunanan put it, “The people who wake up extra early to commute, and then selflessly pour out all their time and energy just to provide for their families — these people are the True Heroes. To be able to work like this every day without complaint and hesitation is very admirable, more so, deserving of some kind of recognition.”   

Given the important role of these True Heroes in their families, they undoubtedly deserve recognition and care. These are part of the Neuropathy Awareness Campaign, in which people are urged to take care of their nerves so they can continue their important roles. Nerves deserve to be taken care of.

This comes amid the reality that, while damaged nerves repair naturally via regeneration, after a certain time (when approximately 50% or more of nerve tissue is damaged), the damage is permanent. This so-called “point of no return” makes early detection and diagnosis vital.  
The Neurobion Nerve Therapy Trip

 In line with Neuropathy Awareness Month, Neurobion decided to give these True Heroes a trip that they wouldn’t expect but most definitely deserve.

 Loy Juan Dy-Buncio, Neurobion Brand Manager, said “Neurobion wanted to do something that not only would spread awareness on nerve damage, but would also serve as a treat to those who are susceptible to it, and these are the working-class Filipinos.”  

 And with that, the Nerve Therapy Trip was born Launched recently, the Nerve Therapy Trip will provide an upgraded bus ride that keeps passengers relaxed as they head to and from work.

Neuro Motion

 The Nerve Therapy Trip will also teach them how to care for their nerves despite their busy lives with the Neuro Motion video, a collection of simple exercises that the regular person can perform on the way to work or even at the office. Video will be played during the Nerve Therapy Trip.

To experience the Nerve Therapy Trip for yourself, look for the Neurobion buses on the Alabang-Navotas route and vice versa for 25 days beginning August 7. Take a ride to #LoveYourNerves!

Own a Singapore Math Center by Investing in a Child’s Future 

If your goal in life is to create an impact in society, now is your chance to turn it into reality. Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M.), the internationally acclaimed math enrichment program from Singapore, is now available for franchise here in the Philippines.

S.A.M. is the only Singapore math program that is actually made in Singapore and taught in Singapore. It is an award winning program that offers Singaporean math through enjoyable and interactive methods. S.A.M. comes with a comprehensive worksheet program that intends to hone independent-learning. Carefully crafted, using the step up approach, it’s designed to reinforce the different mathematical concepts explored and boost the child’s confidence in mathematics. 

Venturing into S.A.M. is like investing in a child’s future. Aside from teaching Singaporean math, S.A.M. also grooms students to be future achievers as it fosters quality education and self-exploration.

Owning and running a S.A.M. may seem like a walk in the park for some, but it is the thrust of its founders to ensure a stable and sustainable business model through exemplary leadership. A franchisee must meet the necessary educational and professional requirements in order to own a S.A.M. franchise.

For a *minimum fee of PhP 136,000.00, one can already own a Single Unit Franchise which is valid for three years. The estimated set up cost composed of construction, training and other operational systems and equipment, including the franchise fee, will add up to roughly around PhP 350,000 – 900,000.00.
Franchisees and Trainers must undergo a comprehensive 6-7 day training program to ensure that they are able to deliver the curriculum and manage the center. There will also be regular audits and visits, individual franchisee and national meetings with the Singaporean Master Franchisee and team to guide them. Moreover, managing the business is made easier through the IT softwares OCTAL Trainers’ Management and ECOLE Administrative Systems, and of course, S.A.M.’s corporate support.

Enrich Asia, which brought S.A.M. to the Philippines, will soon open other educational programs in the Philippines such as Unique English Classroom and Robotics.

To know more about S.A.M.’s opportunity for franchisees, you may visit their website at www.seriouslyaddictivemaths.com.ph and https://www.facebook.com/SAM.SingaporeMath.Philippines or call 0977-8239910 | (02) 964 9759.

About S.A.M.

Founded in 2010 by Samuel Chia and Lau Chin Loong, Seriously Addictive Mathematics or S.A.M. is a multi-awarded Singapore math enrichment program from Singapore for students from three (3) to twelve (12) years of age. S.A.M. is an international program with over 100 centres in 16 countries around world including USA, Australia and Canada. As long as the child can communicate, the child can start in S.A.M.

4 Fun Twists on a Princess Theme Ideas for a Little Girl’s Bedroom

4 Fun Twists on a Princess Theme Ideas for a Little Girl’s Bedroom

Princess and pinks are go-to interior design ideas for little girls. But, the problem is, not every little girl fits into that cookie-cutter princess image. So, here are a few ideas that give a fun twist on the princess image, but more modern for expressive, creative cuties.

The Punk Rock Princess

For some, punk is a lifestyle. For others, punk is a fun mash-up of cool colors and neat-o concepts that make an awesome interior design idea. This would be the latter. Think neon greens, solid blacks, and hot pinks, all splashed across a wall to represent the chaos and anarchy that is oh-so symbolic of punk. Deck the room borders with rhinestones, give your girlie space for her band posters, and let her rock out in a punk themed bedroom that lets her express her wild side.

The Classic Pretty-in-Pink Princess

Pretty-in-pink princesses are classics because they represent exactly what you think of when you think of a princess. So, pull out the tulle drapes in light pink, paint the walls in deep pink, and throw in a few champagne pink furnishings. The world can be her proverbial oyster. Give her a jewelry box of faux pearls, a bed with a canopy, and lots of space for dress-up playtimes in her royal gowns.

The Disney Princess

There are so many Disney princesses you can draw inspiration from here. You have the options of royals like Snow White and Cinderella, both of whom are classics in the Disney universe. Or, you could go modern with newbie princesses like Meredith, Rapunzel, and Tiana. Pick a palette inspired by the princess she loves, and do up her bedroom in those amazing colors. For example, Mulan would be a mix of teal, burgundy, seafoam green, and black.

The Tomboy Princess

Your tomboy could be any kind of go-getter girlie, from a skateboarder, to a basketball player, and every sporty, rockin’ sweetheart in-between. So, give her a room where she can be herself and express herself. Is she super-creative and imaginative? Paint one wall with chalkboard paint for her erasable creations. Does she love baseball with a passion? Make her a floating bookcase for all of her sports memorabilia. Whatever she loves, make her bedroom décor match up. You could even invest in custom, waterproof stickers with her favorite sayings, characters, or DIY doodles to decorate her walls.

Interior design is something anyone of any age can get into. And, when it comes to decorating her bedroom, you can bet your girlie would love to help out. So, to make her smile, run these princess-themed ideas past her the next time she wants a décor change.