4 Fun Twists on a Princess Theme Ideas for a Little Girl’s Bedroom

4 Fun Twists on a Princess Theme Ideas for a Little Girl’s Bedroom

Princess and pinks are go-to interior design ideas for little girls. But, the problem is, not every little girl fits into that cookie-cutter princess image. So, here are a few ideas that give a fun twist on the princess image, but more modern for expressive, creative cuties.

The Punk Rock Princess

For some, punk is a lifestyle. For others, punk is a fun mash-up of cool colors and neat-o concepts that make an awesome interior design idea. This would be the latter. Think neon greens, solid blacks, and hot pinks, all splashed across a wall to represent the chaos and anarchy that is oh-so symbolic of punk. Deck the room borders with rhinestones, give your girlie space for her band posters, and let her rock out in a punk themed bedroom that lets her express her wild side.

The Classic Pretty-in-Pink Princess

Pretty-in-pink princesses are classics because they represent exactly what you think of when you think of a princess. So, pull out the tulle drapes in light pink, paint the walls in deep pink, and throw in a few champagne pink furnishings. The world can be her proverbial oyster. Give her a jewelry box of faux pearls, a bed with a canopy, and lots of space for dress-up playtimes in her royal gowns.

The Disney Princess

There are so many Disney princesses you can draw inspiration from here. You have the options of royals like Snow White and Cinderella, both of whom are classics in the Disney universe. Or, you could go modern with newbie princesses like Meredith, Rapunzel, and Tiana. Pick a palette inspired by the princess she loves, and do up her bedroom in those amazing colors. For example, Mulan would be a mix of teal, burgundy, seafoam green, and black.

The Tomboy Princess

Your tomboy could be any kind of go-getter girlie, from a skateboarder, to a basketball player, and every sporty, rockin’ sweetheart in-between. So, give her a room where she can be herself and express herself. Is she super-creative and imaginative? Paint one wall with chalkboard paint for her erasable creations. Does she love baseball with a passion? Make her a floating bookcase for all of her sports memorabilia. Whatever she loves, make her bedroom décor match up. You could even invest in custom, waterproof stickers with her favorite sayings, characters, or DIY doodles to decorate her walls.

Interior design is something anyone of any age can get into. And, when it comes to decorating her bedroom, you can bet your girlie would love to help out. So, to make her smile, run these princess-themed ideas past her the next time she wants a décor change.

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