Moonstar88 and Jensen and the Flips make new music at Coke Studio

Different generations often find icons to represent themselves, and Coke Studio has brought the voices from two different generations together. The blending of genres and sounds from the past and present shows music’s constant evolution as well as the possibility of even newer and fresher sounds. 

In the early 2000s, Moonstar88 skyrocketed to fame with the release of their single Torete which became an iconic song that dictated the distinct sound of their era.

Jensen and the Flips is one of the hottest artists today, rising to the OPM scene with a funky and sexy sound of their own.


This collaboration, being the only pairing of two bands in Coke Studio, was initially met with some apprehension. “I don’t know if we can even fit all their instruments into the studio!” said Coke Studio host Raymund Marasigan jokingly when asked about the interesting match-up. Even Jensen and the Flips front man, Jensen Gomez, admitted that he was skeptic and nervous about being paired with the veteran band. “Totoo ba? Could this be really happening? Of course, we were so pressured! But then we also knew that we had to put on our game face, and not think about that pressure,” he shared.


The collaboration disproved their apprehensions and surprised the two bands and spectators with an easy and smooth blend. “There was no polarizing at all. Everyone really came up with a good song,” said Herbert Hernandez, lead guitarist of Moonstar88. “Genres can really blend well.”


When asked about their collaboration, Moonstar88 vocalist, Mayshelle Baay likened it to that of a constellation – “There are many stars all shining on their own, but still in the same formation in the sky,” she added. The analogy was only fitting for these artists who have proven themselves stars of the OPM scene. 


Watch these icons of the past and the present come together to bring the music of the future at Coke Studio. Catch it on August 12, Saturday at 7 p.m. on TV5 or on 


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