Wedding Fever

Wedding Fever: Breaking Down the Basics to Your Biggest Day

Getting married is still a major milestone for any person in a relationship. Showing off your love and commitment to this person is typically done through an elaborate wedding. In today’s modern world, however, weddings don’t have a specific formula. You have dozens of choices to make regarding the big day. To ease any concerns about your upcoming nuptials, take a look at the basics that are required on that day. Committing to these basic choices gives you a strong platform to move forward with the tiny details that ultimately make your wedding day come alive.

Inside or Outside?

Write up a list of pros and cons when it comes to either an outside or inside location. Your preferences, regional weather and budget will often dictate the choice for you. Both locations have their benefits and drawbacks. Choose the one location that pleases both partners and avoids any weather issues, such as an interior space reserved for a winter wedding. I have heard that Hiddenbrooke weddings are a great idea.

The Dining Question

Formal, casual or buffet-style dining are common choices for your event, including Hiddenbrooke weddings. Match the dining experience with your event’s personality. A casual affair doesn’t end well with a formal dinner. Give your guests a chance to socialize during relaxed weddings with a buffet meal and open seating. Pick foods that please your guests and budget too. Selecting chicken over beef isn’t always necessary either. Pizza, pasta and alternative foods are possible.

Flowers, Apparel and More

Rent formal gowns and tuxedos while spending most of your apparel budget on the wedding dress. Select simple, flower arrangements so that your budget isn’t overwhelmed by this consumable item. Allow the location to be the decorative feature instead of covering it with expensive accessories that will only add complexity to your decisions.

Photography Dilemmas

Ask a friend to take the photos at the wedding. Take those formal, couple images before the wedding too. When couples take photos after the ceremony and before the reception, guests must wait a long time. Getting the party started right after the ceremony creates a better flow to the event.

No wedding is perfect. Mistakes will happen. Take these hiccups in stride. Many of them will be memorable moments that you’ll laugh about later on. Be open and happy on your special day so that every detail only adds to the beauty that is your commitment to a new spouse.

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