Morisette is MADE for Success

Aside from her regular shows here in the country, Morissette has also been invading the online world with her viral YouTube covers of “Secret Love Song”, “Rise Up” and “Against All Odds” to name a few—most of which she performed on the phenomenal FM-radio station, the Wish Bus. She also took social media by storm with her performance on the Asia Music Festival held in Busan, South Korea last September 2017. The award-winning singer was also chosen as Michael Bolton’s co-host for the singing competition “Bolt of Talent” which toured the Philippines, and around Asia.

Now stepping into a bigger arena, this Diva is set to perform live at the Big Dome. With the name of her show being Morissette is Made! Don’t miss the world class performance by the Asia’s Phoenix, The Exceptional, Morissette on February 20, 2018, 8PM!

The concert, dubbed as “Morissette is Made” is “really made just for her”, BMPI CEO/President, Mr. Daniel Razon shared. “We believe that she is good. She’s talented and that she can bring Filipino pride elsewhere in the world. We also believe that Wish 107.5 contributed also to why she became who she is now in the Musical Arena,” he added

The singer also expresses her excitement for the upcoming concert: “I’m very excited for this concert because other than it’s going to be a whole new experience working with a differenft team, the Big Dome is THE Big Dome… The greatest of Filipino and international artists have all performed there, and for me to be able to hold my next solo concert there is just surreal,” according to Morissette


MADE is directed by Paolo Valenciano with Adonis Tabanda as the musical director. According to Paolo, “Morissette is one of those artists that just makes me so comfortable to go to work because I know she will deliver. We wat to immerse her fans into the ultimate Morissette experience and we’re all very excited!”

The Dome is expected to be filled by “Mowieatics” here and around the globe together with the support of her friends in the music industry. David Cosico came up with the Morissette is Made, and for Morissette being MADE is defined as a person who has been thru so much in her life and came to that moment of truth.

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