Pinoy Tennis Trainers Program

Stephan Lhuillier is one of our top junior players, competing abroad whenever his academic schedule permits. But his focus isn’t just on his own personal development in the sport, he also has in mind the tennis trainers, who shape the very players that eventually represent our country.

Their journey in Pinoy Tennis Trainers Program (PTT) started in 2015, when the urge to help the trainers in the clubs where they usually play grew stronger and stronger

He came up with Pinoy Tennis Trainers, a program established not only to empower the trainers, but to help improve their lives as well.

As a tennis player for several years now, they have played and worked with numerous trainers and have seen first hand  that their life is not easy. Stephan Lhuillier found out that they were only being paid 80 pesos an hour.So he decided to do something about it and he sat down with his family and friends to talk about his idea on how he can help these trainers.

It’s surprising to see this vision from a man so young, still trying to establish himself in the sport, and already thinking of others.

Eventually, in 2016, He decided to start this program with the objective of providing our Filipino (Pinoy) trainers the capacity to earn more by enhancing their skills and knowledge in tennis. They started with three sessions that year, just to test the waters. Seeing its impact, he decided to make it even bigger and take the plunge.

As they say, the rest is history. Since that decision,  he has collaborated with national coach and the highest ITF-level coach (level 3) in the Philippines, Roland Kraut, in coming up with the training modules. He has also successfully sought the accreditation of the Philippine Tennis Association to sanction PTT. So far, they  have successfully implemented 13 training sessions nationwide with a total of 579 graduates.

According to Stefan the experience of roaming around the Philippines to help conduct the training sessions and get to speak to the participants is both humbling and fulfilling. It’s so heart warming for him to hear from the participants on how PTT has encouraged and given them hope and, to even some of them, that PTT has actually started changing their lives and families as they are already earning more now. So as long as there are Filipino trainers needing help, their story in PTT will go on.

The best thing about this program, which is a combination of lecture and on-court instructional drills, is that it is free of charge  for all the participants with some of them even receiving  free tennis rackets as a result of Stephan’s Adopt-A-Racket program. So far 211, rackets have been collected and 188 of which have been distributed to trainers already.

Some companies and private individuals  like Babolat and Dunlop and national players Treat Huey and Ruben Gonzales also helped in making the whole Pinoy Tennis Trainers truly a unique, sustainable program.

Fast forward to 2018 In a few months Stephan will be leaving for the United States to attend college and he is turning over the reins to his younger brother Sebastien Lhullier who is also a well known tennis player. Stephan is confident that Sebastien will bring the PTT to the next level.

The Pinoy Tennis Trainers conducted a very successful a two day tennis workshop at the Makati Sports Club.

The latest leg of PTT brought together 40 the country’s best local tennis trainers, representing schools and clubs from all over Metro Manila and Central Luzon. The participating trainers, were all top graduates and attendees of 13 PTT legs conducted nationwide since 2016. Spearheading the program is Coach Roland Kraut, the only ITF Level 3 coach in the Philippines, along with Stephan and Sebastien Lhuillier, young tennis enthusiasts and the sons of Cebuana Lhuillier president & CEO Jean Henri Lhuillier and Olympian Bea Lucero-Lhuillier.

Since it was founded, PTT were able to conduct 13 training sessions across the country and produced close to 600 graduates. Armed with their PTT certification, the trainers were able earn more with the higher level of training they received. Top PTT graduates such as Trudy Amoranto and JR Moreno were also sent to Thailand to participate in the ITF Level 1 Coaches course.

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