Tough Mama Cooks: Life Made Simple and Easy

They said, “There’s no other though like mama!” 

“The secret to cooking good food lies only in fresh ingredients and no over seasoning.” Most of all, she taught me that one doesn’t need the most complex equipment in order to produce good food or to run a household.

It is this philosophy of my grandma which inspired them to create TOUGH MAMA, a brand dedicated to delivering first-class yet affordable appliances in the Philippines.

Appliances that are not only made simple and can provide the best value for your hard earned money but can allow you more time to enjoy life with your family. Home to good and cheap appliances in the Philippines, you can be sure that Tough Mama’s offerings are made from premium-quality materials designed to last for a lifetime.

I am sure that they will never carry an appliance they won’t use, that’s their assurance to their consumers

During the event, there’s a cooking demo by Chef Jam Melchor who shares his recipe of Caldereta, Soup and Barbecue using Tough Mama Home Kitchen Appliances. While the Bento Mamas shares their tips and tricks in preparing our kids meal for school by making bento meals.

There are some games like guessing the dish and complete the puzzle. Of course, raffle is one of the most awaiting moment where Tough Mama are giving away cool kitchen appliances.

I was able to see Tough Mama Home and Kitchen Appliances on diplay they showcased their products.A personal favorite is the Multi-functional Cooker that Chef Jam used during the demo. It’s actually 8-in-1 multi-cooker. Here are some of the features:

  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • 8-in-1 functions: Boil
  • Roast, Grill, Fry, Braise, Steam, Slow Cook, Use as Hot Pot
  • Handy, stackable and versatile
  • Energy saving multicooker
  • Uses 50% less energy than induction cooker
  • With 4 temperature settings in 1 control knob
  • Power: 1300W

More about Tough Mama

Tough Mama is the new generation Home and Kitchen Appliances are designed and built to its exciting standards of a modern consumers. It made from a good quality materials and using latest technology. Tough Mama guarantees years of convenience, enjoyment, and trouble-free use with the assurance if safety and energy-efficiency. Their products are priced affordable to make it an essential part of your “smart” modern living.

Why Tough Mama?

  • Its safety-first technology
  • Power-saving applications
  • Outstanding Value and Quality
  • Lifetime Free Service Guarantee

By the way, they have all kinds of home and kitchen appliances that you wish for. From beverage, cooking, breakfast, food preparation, electric and rechargeable fans to garment care and hair tools line. They have huge list of service centers around the Philippines so you don’t have to worry. 

Tough Mama Home and Kitchen Appliances is a brand from Cherenz Global Manufacturing Incorporation. Visit their website at and follow the on Facebook and Instagram at @toughmamaapplia

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