No Learner Left Behind

As part of its advocacy of harnessing technology for education, PLDT wireless unit Smart Communication (Smart) officially launched today its pool of mobile applications that promote literacy in the mother tongue.

Dubbed as Digital Education For All: No Learner Left Behind, the event showcased five literacy apps developed by Smart in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd), local stakeholders, collegesand universities. These are the Bahay Kubo Tagalog app, Kaalam Cebuano app, Taallam and Tahderiyyah Arabic apps, and Matigsalug app for the Matigsalug tribe of Davao and Bukidnon.

“Smart believes mobile technology is uniquely positioned to help facilitate learning opportunities, which is why we have tailored initiatives to help address the needs of our partner learning communities,” said Ramon R. Isberto, PLDT-Smart Public Affairs Group Head.
Alphabet and number games, folk stories The Kaalam (Cebuano term for ‘knowledge’) app features folklore stories such as Ang Diwata sa Konta
and Ang Kwentas ni Ingkco Candido that were all retold by residents of Argao town in Cebu province. The application was developed in partnership with DepEd Cebu City and Cebu Province, local government of Argao, Cebu Technological University – Argao Campus, and University of Cebu-Banilad.

The Ta’allam (Arabic term for ‘to learn’) was developed specifically for Filipino Muslims by content an multimedia partners such as DepEd General Santos and Sarangani, local government unit of Sarangani, Mercy Foundation, Young Moro Professionals, and ACLC College Gensan. Aside from reading and counting exercises, the app features Islamic prayers such as Dua, Surah, Salah, Wudhu.

The first literacy app for the Bangsamoro children, the Tahderiyyah (Arabic term for ‘Kindergarten’) app focuses more on stories with Islamic values and expressions on top of Arabic alphabet and number games. Its developing team consists of reps from the Bangsamoro Development Agency, FEU Institute of Technology, and Teach Peace Build Peace Movement.

Inspired by the iconic house that has become a symbol of Filipino culture and tradition, the Bahay Kubo interactive mobile application teaches Tagalog alphabet and numbers and will soon feature fun games and stories. The product is a collective effort between Smart and Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Council, an attached agency of the Department of Education.

Representing indigenous peoples  lack of localized educational materials is more evident in indigenous peoples (IP) communities, where
available learning materials are not contextualized. This is the reason why Smart developed Matigsalug, the first tribal app of its kind that showcases songs, dances, and chants from the Matigsalug tribe of Davao and Bukidnon.

With the app, users can learn how to properly pronounce Matigsalug letters and numbers and write them through app-tracing games. It was created in partnership with Matigsalug tribe of Sitio Contract, Datu Salumay, Marilog District in Davao, Pamulaan Center of IP Education, ACLC College Davao and Gensan, and Skeptron Business Solutions.

Aside from these five, Smart intends to launch more literacy apps in 2019. Among those in the pipeline include Sanut Ilokano for Ilokano-speaking regions, Gnare Blaan and Tagakaulo for children of Sarangani, and the Singsing Kapampangan app.

Digital portable classrooms are the targeted primary beneficiaries of the literacy apps are students, teachers, and parents of learning
communities under Smart’s School-in-a-Bag, a portable digital classroom designed to facilitate learning in basic education. The applications are delivered through the said digital portable classrooms that contain a teacher’s laptop, student tablets, a projector, DVD player, and pocket Wifi.

The devices are preloaded with educational content, while schools with no sufficient electricity also receive solar panels. School-in-a-Bag beneficiaries also receive Dynamic Learning Program modules, teacher training courses, and regular monitoring and evaluation from Smart.
No learner left behind “Our mission is to develop mother tongue based apps as interactive tools that can help support learning
strategies, as well as help preserve and promote local culture and heritage for the present and future generation,” Isberto explained.

Smart emphasized how strong partnerships with community stakeholders are essential in developing ;earn Smart programs. “From partnerships with government and non-government offices, local government units, companies, academe, advocacy groups, and media, we all need to work together to
help build a nation where no learner is left behind,” said Darwin F. Flores, Smart Community Partnerships Head.

The mother tongue based apps are available for download on Google Pay. Interested parties who wish to learn more about Smart’s educational programs can visit the Smart Communities Facebook page or email [email protected]

#ThisHappened 2018: Pinoy Fandom Rules on Twitter

#ThisHappened 2018: Pinoy Fandom Rules on Twitter

Entertainment still the most talked about in Philippines

 Whatever happens, it happens on Twitter. Last year, Philippines’ Twitter timeline was ruled by the entertainment industry. As 2018 bids farewell, Filipinos have proven that Twitter is the go-to platform to track #WhatsHappening in the Pinoy entertainment scene, as it dominated the conversation this year once again. Continue reading »

Nimo Philippines Champions League

Nimo TV continues to provide exciting content as the Rules of Survival – Nimo TV Philippine Champions League S1 playoffs began streaming last December 1 and 2, 2018.

From over 300 squads who tried their luck in the country’s biggest Rules of Survival tournament, 45 squads proved their worth to a spot in the playoffs happened in Mineski Infinity Taft, Cubao, and Morayta. As the excitement rises, fans and game enthusiasts can also join the fun by watching it live via Nimo TV. Continue reading »

Vine’s Bride Package for the ravishing bride

Vine’s Bride Package for the ravishing bride

Offers the most affordable package for the gorgeous bride-to-be on her wedding day

She must stand out among the crowd. She has all the right to radiate with beauty. It is, after all her special day as she jumps into another chapter of her life and definitely Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics will be there to have everything covered, beauty-wise, that is.

For the women who will tie the knot this December, Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics announced their special face treatment package for the bride-to-be, one that the bride will surely enjoy. Continue reading »

FAME Inc. holds Appreciation Night for media, blogger friends

Friendly Alliances and Media Expression (FAME) Inc. held its annual appreciation night for its media partners, bloggers and contributors at the FAME BlogSpot Media Appreciation Night held at Trianon Plenary Hall last November 28.

The event kicked off with FAME Inc’s launch of its latest division, the FAME Leaders’ Academy, a learning provider for working professionals, offering distinct training courses and programs that cover topics from lifestyle medicine to health and relationships.

Set in a Paskong Pinoy-themed gathering, the media appreciation night also featured holiday season-related talks from brand partners Accuchek, Goldshine Pharma, and Sleepwell. Continue reading »

Hospitals prodded to deliver quality healthcare  to meet global standards



L-R) Mr. Angelo Bunagan, HealthCore Advisor Hon. Roberto Pagdanganan, and HealthCore President and CEO Joyce Socao-Alumno

There is no denying that Filipino healthcare professionals stand out globally – thousands of doctors, nurses, and other workers in the industry continue to be in demand across the world each year.

Back home, however, local medical facilities still play catch-up in order to make the Philippines an international hub for healthcare. While the country landed on the 5th spot in the most competitive economy in Southeast Asia in the recent Global Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum, it still lags in three pillars, including health. To date, there are 14 internationally accredited healthcare facilities in the Philippines. Continue reading »

NIMO TV- Philippine Champions League Qualifiers

45 of 300 Squads Advances in The Rules of Survival – NIMO TV- Philippine Champions League Qualifiers.

With the overwhelming number of squads who joined and tried to outwit one another, 45 Teams will advance to the Playoffs of the biggest Rules of Survival Tournament in the country hosted by NIMO TV.

The 2-Day qualifiers happened in 3 venues around the metro, with over 300 squads from different caliber showed up to prove their worth and secure a slot in the playoffs.

“The qualifier brought out the best among the best this is just a preview of what will happen in the coming playoffs and finals“ Henry Zhao, NIMO TV Overseas Executive. “We want to discover squads who have the grit to compete on a professional level, “ Zhao added.

The 15 qualified squads of each venue will compete in the playoffs this December 1 & 2, 2018. The top 4 squads per branch will move to the finals together with the top 2 squads of the whole tournament. The crowd favorite will also earn a slot and will complete the 15 squads who will compete in the finals.

Winners of the Rules of Survival – NIMO TV- Philippine Champions League can bring home Php 100,000 for the 1st Prize, Php 80,000 for 2nd Prize and Php 50,000 for 3rd Prize. Aside from the Cash Prizes and in-games items, the Top 5 teams will also represent the country in the Rules of Survival Southeast Asia tournament to battle and claim supremacy.

Watch the exclusive broadcast of the tournament on NIMO TV.

Full tournament info here:

Download the NIMO TV app at Apple app store and Google Play store. Click link here.


NIMO TV is a leading global platform that allows millions of gamers from all around the world to play and broadcast their games to other like-minded players building a community of players, gamers, and fans that drive conversation, and allows peer-to-peer rewards and recognition. Utilizing a high-quality interactive technology, audiences can interact with streamers, and gain access to exclusive esports events and tournaments, along with unprecedented access to the top streamers from across the region.

Accessible and affordable ultrasound Philips Lumify now available in the Philippines

Lumify, the Philips app-based ultrasound solution, helps healthcare professionals make fast, informed decisions. With Lumify’s full suite of point-of-care transducers, physicians in multiple care situations can take advantage of every crucial moment without the time and mobility restrictions of locating a cart-based ultrasound.


“At Philips, we understand the importance of designing quality technological health equipment for healthcare practitioners and patients at point-of-care. This is particularly important in the Philippines where care solutions are widespread geographically and that’s why we’re so excited to be launching Lumify in this market – putting high-quality devices in the hands of more professionals, to serve more patients in more locations” says Ashwin Chari, Country Manager, Philips Philippines. “While continuing to deliver exceptional image quality, Lumify is further extending the reach of ultrasound by creating better connections between clinicians and their patients,” he added.


App-based ultrasound, ready when you are


Lumify is the first Philips ultrasound device for pre-hospital use and supports clinical applications including cardiac, abdominal including lung, OB/GYN, superficial, vascular, soft tissue, MSK, gallbladder and FAST exam pre-sets.


To use Lumify, HCPs need to download The Lumify App from GooglePlay, connect their Philips transducer to their compatible smart device and launch the app to begin scanning. The Lumify App and all three transducers (L12-4, C5-2, and S4-1) are backed by a 5-year warranty, each having gone through rigorous environmental and durability testing for reliability for any clinical setting. The S4-1 transducer and cable weighs 152 grams and is smaller than a smartphone, adding to its versatility and mobility. Beyond integrating with everyday technology, Lumify also uses cloud-enabled technology to connect with PACS, shared networks and system directories.



“The availability of the Philips Lumify device in the Philippines is really valuable news for doctors such as myself. It’s portability and usability mean we can use it in a variety of environments and locations, and its immediate feedback enables us to make on-the-spot diagnosis as we receive high quality ultrasound imaging without the need for a larger machine,” says Dr. Roy M. Sasil Jr, President of PHA Northern Mindanao Chapter.


Dr. Marilou U. De Vera, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Cardinal Santos Medical Center agreed: “The portability of Philips Lumify is the key benefit for me. Many of my patients require diagnosis and treatment in very remote locations where access to a standard ultrasound solution is not always available. Philips Lumify allows me to take an ultrasound system to them and enabling a much thorough diagnosis.”


Dr. Michael Obispo, Sports Physiatrist, Osteopath, Musculoskeletal Sonologist at Asian Hospital and Medical Center also shared: “I’m really excited about the availability of Philips Lumify in the Philippines. Not only will it enable me to offer different treatments to my patients, but most importantly, it removes the restrictions I often face from having to locate a cart-based ultrasound. Philips Lumify allows me to take advantage of every crucial moment during diagnosis and treatment, which can have a huge impact.”


Lumify is a solution that will grow with its users, with plans for regular software updates and additional transducers, services and apps being released at regular intervals.


For more information on Lumify and the full suite of Philips advanced ultrasound solutions, visit

Live streaming Platform NiMO TV to host biggest Rules of Survival tournament in PH

NiMO TV partnered with NetEaseGames’ Rules of Survival, to host the country’s biggest Rules of Survival tournament in the country with a prize pool of Php 500,000.

Set to be one of the grandest battle arena games in the Philippines, the Rules of Survival – NiMO TV – Philippine Champions League is a breakthrough in the esport industry and will strengthen the new era of esports and game streaming in the country. Continue reading »

Nanay Luisa’s Queso de Bola Spread

Think comfort food and you are infused with consolation and a feeling of well-being, associated with childhood memories of home cooking. Cheese – especially Queso de Bola awakens the memories of Christmas season for many Filipinos. And the quality of authentic queso de bola raises the expectation of “yumminess”.

As the modern Filipino’s palate expanded and gained access to cheese of all types and from many parts of the world, enjoying queso de bola any time of the year has become an expectation. But – no matter how good, the simple slice of this cheese could never equal a serving of Nanay Luisa’s Queso de Bola Spread.

Continue reading »