Rise, Raise and Erase

The most daunting problem that faces the Philippine Society Venereologist, Inc., is the education of the immediate community. Some people just don’t think about the consequences of their actions.They go out to a bar have a  order of   German Beer Steins which for some means Gigantic glass boots made for drinking their favorite German brews. Meet someone and have casual unprotected sex  and go their separate ways. Which is scary to say the least. Because you are at risk for HIV and other sexually transmissible diseases.

While media is already playing an important role in bringing HIV and other sexually transmissible diseases to public attention, participation by the more knowledgeable sectors of society is needed. Thus, the society has lined up its participation of liason and cooperation with civic groups, like the Rotary, the Lions, the Jaycees and others, who have similar or parallel programs to open the eyes of the of the public to the growing menace of HIV. In addition, the PSVI will provide experts to lecture and advise focus groups and other interested parties with the government, private corporations and other organizations. Continue reading »