A woman of substance created

What makes a woman? What is her true essence and her admirable characteristics? Is it just beauty or brains or perhaps her whistle-bait figure?

Or is it because of a woman’s natural beauty that a woman evokes, thus showing her innate grace and joy? Whatever and whoever a woman is—housewife, professional career woman or student—she deserves a face and body that is totally cared for despite and whatever he busy lifestyle is.

Show we love the women in our lives by giving them the opportunity to properly care for themselves through face and body care products that are proven safe and effective and will bring a bit of peace, love and joy to them every day.

Products from Good Virtues Co.™ (GVC), a brand of face and beauty products made in in Malaysia, understand the need for women to be treated with love, dignity and respect. They know that doing good to others begets a good deed in return, so that love given is love returned to every woman there is.

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Happiness is A Choice

Honored to meet the first ever Happiest Pinoy, Winston Maxino! A very inspiring and resilient man, indeed. “Happiness is a choice; true happiness is when you share it with others”

Winston Maxino, was declared the Happiest Pinoy by Cebuana Lhuiller 10 years ago

I agree with them when he was  chosen for exhibiting an optimistic outlook on life, a cheerful disposition, the ability to rise above life’s challenges and having a positive impact on the life of others.

The search for the Happiest Pinoy is launched with the goal of rekindling the values of optimism, resilience and hope in the Filipino nation.

The search went around the country with more than 800,000  nominees from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 

Maxino is battling a degenerative bone condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Almost at the same time he was diagnosed with the disease he discovered that his daughter Brina Kei suffers from Down syndrome.

Instead of allowing the setbacks to get him down he used them as motivation to help others.

He said: “My daughter with Down syndrome, Brina Kei, frequently declares ‘I love my life and I love my future!’ I realize that she is right: This is what happiness is really all about I look forward to the day when a cure for Ankylosing Spondylitis will have been discovered but I have graciously accepted that this is my life now. I am grateful for everything I am and everything I have. I am not less of a person because my body is broken and I do not dwell on what I do not have. Happiness is a choice. No matter what the circumstances of my life are and will be, with God’s grace, I choose and will continue to choose to be happy.”

The true prize, according to Maxino, is the insight that he gained about happiness through this campaign.

I read somewhere that he said that  ‘Happiness is rejoicing in the truth.’ Buddha taught that life is suffering. If we combine the two ideas, happiness is rejoicing even if the reality of our lives is that we are suffering. We just rise above our physical pain and limitations to live full happy lives. Happiness is our daily therapy and positive outlook gets us through the most trying times.

May his story inspire you to believe that laughter truly is the best medicine because it is free. It has no expiry, it does not require a doctor’s prescription and it is internally generated so it never runs out of stock.

Sarah Geronimo together with Phoenix

Sarah Geronimo together with Phoenix SUPER LPG found new love together

During at the launch of Phoenix SUPER LPG, Sarah Geronimo shared her experience with the product, her  passion and how she really wanted to learn to whip up her culinary hits in the kitchen.

Having discovered the joys of cooking, Sarah took culinary classes to further her newfound passion. She started with little experiments–from whipping eggs correctly, to cooking simple dishes. Eventually, Sarah learned to make Filipino favorites such asadobo and sinigang.

For Sarah, nothing beats preparation and hard work when it comes to pursuing any interest. This has always been her magic formula to succeed in whatever she chooses to do. She also emphasized the importance of having help or assistance available whenever needed. For this, she counts on her mentors who help bring out her best, whether she’s performing on-stage or acting on-screen.

Sarah swears by Phoenix SUPER LPG, which promises a safe, sigurado, and simple cooking experience. It uses a German-made SRG regulator with an inlet safety valve, a reserve indicator, and snap-on mechanism.

With features that highlight safety, certainty, and simplicity, Phoenix SUPER LPG helps Sarah pursue her new passion and discover the joys of cooking.

To order your own Phoenix SUPER LPG, please call #SUPER (#78737) for nationwide delivery.

20 finalists shortlisted for Happiest Pinoy

The Cebuana Lhuillier Search for the Happiest Pinoy is now down to 20 finalists and one of them will take home P1 million in cash prizes. The latest edition of the competition garnered close to 800,000 applications from various localities nationwide, making it the biggest in the Search’s ten-year history.

From the 20 finalists, 10 category winners will be named, representing the youth, senior citizens, overseas Filipino workers, lingkod bayan, professionals, manggagawang Pinoy, entrepreneurs, employees, persons with disabilities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. They will each receive P50,000 in cash prizes.

The 10 category winners will go through a panel interview to determined this year’s Happiest Pinoy grand winner who will take home P1,000,000 tax free. The bi-annual Search for the Happiest Pinoy is an advocacy program of Cebuana Lhuillier, thebcountry’s largest microfinancial services company. The vision behind the search is to celebrate the Filipino values of resilience, hope and tenacity.

“Filipinos are one of the most resilient people in the world, facing life’s challenges with optimism, faith and a can-do attitude. At Cebuana Lhuillier, we believe that this should be recognized and encouraged at all times,” said Jean Henri Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier president & CEO.

“It is only fitting that we reach the final stages of the search this month – to coincide with the International Day of Happiness on March 20, as declared by the United Nations to recognize happiness as a “fundamental human goal.” Similarly, we at Cebuana Lhuillier believe that an
inclusive and well-balanced approach to economic growth is a means to promote the happiness and well-being of every person,” Lhuillier adds.

For its efforts, the Search for the Happiest Pinoy has received recognitions from the International Business Awards, 48 th Anvil Awards, Philippine Quill Awards, Panata Awards, and the Golden Bridge Awards.

Nippon Paint Coating Philippines launches new protective coating line?

Coating expert Nippon Paint Coating Philippines, Inc. celebrated its new protective coating line during a launch party held at Marco Polo Hotel in Pasig City recently.

As a paint and coatings specialist, Nippon Paint beautifies urban landscapes and continually creates superior Nippon Paint products to enhance people’s lives. 

With more than 70 Nippon Paint companies spread throughout Asia, it understands the local needs of its customers in every community. Each company embraces diversity and operates together with a strong Pan-Asia presence.

Launched were types of products such as wieldable inorganic zinc ethyl silicate, epoxy, epoxy zinc rich, epoxy zinc phosphate, epoxy red oxide, alkyd resin, epoxy MIO, epoxy aluminum, epoxy glass fake, epoxy modified, silicon acrylic, silicon, corrosion under insulation, alkyd resin, polyurethane, and flourocarbon.

These products are fast drying, durable, high-performance, long-term protection, has excellent anti-corrosive properties, excellent adhesion, has excellent high-build barrier, features good abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance, high-gloss topcoat finish, and resistant to degradation by ultra-violet light, color change, and chalking.

Nippon Paint Coatings Philippines, Inc. is a leader in the local paint industry that produces world-class quality products for various painting needs. 

It has always been at the forefront, helping industries deal with the most challenging of natural and man-made conditions, contributing to an increased efficiency and durability supporting industrial manufactures by giving them long lasting solutions to their needs.

For Inquiries you may contact: 

Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines Inc. 

#4 Hologram St. Light Industry and Science Park 1, Cabuyao Laguna, Philippines

Telephone Nos. (02) 8845 1176 /77 or (049) 543 0763/64/65/66/95

Cebuana Lhuillier Alternative Learning System

Cebuana Lhuillier Alternative Learning System : ALS like no other

Since the renaming of PJ Lhuillier Foundation into the Cebuana Lhuillier foundation, it has since made education accessible to those who need it through donation of classrooms, learning centers, conference rooms, and buildings to be utilized for furthering learning for those who need and want it.

Jean Henri Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier’s President and CEO stands in the hallway of the newly constructed Northern Tacloban City National High School Sports building in 2016.

For many years now, Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation Inc. (CLFI) has consistently administered poverty-alleviation measures to the underserved and disadvantaged individuals and sectors nationwide. Following the personal philosophy of its President and CEO, Jean Henri Lhuillier which is to “Always Love Schooling”, part of CLFI’s major thrust in education is the  implementation of the Alternative Learning System or ALS along with three other initiatives that emphasize further the value of education; Nationwide Scholarship Program, Spiritual and Social Enhancement Program, and Special Projects on Education.

“The foundation has always espoused the company’s and my personal advocacy of continuing the pursuit of learning, I am more than elated to see this advocacy into fruition through the foundation’s many extensive efforts on education.” said Jean Henri Lhuillier, President and CEO of Cebuana Lhuillier.

The ALS program was established in 2013 in cooperation with the Department of Education, the program aims to provide out-of-school youth and adults with Academic, Livelihood, Spiritual and Social Education in the elementary and secondary levels. Cebuana Lhuillier’s ALS program differs from the usual ALS offered because it incorporates the five functional fields of knowledge or FILDS which stand for Financial Literacy, ICT Competitiveness, Livelihood, Disaster Resilience, and Sports Development and as of the last quarter of 2018, CLFI has already opened 79 ALS centers.

Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation Inc., puts prime on equipping ALS students with the financial literacy as it is a company that puts forward the advocacy of financial inclusion for all Filipinos. The ALS program also conducts livelihood trainings in the field of hospitality management for students who need training in the said field.

More so, CLFI ensures that its ALS centers are up-to-date with the latest equipment. Through the years, CLFI has given its centers with laptops, projectors with screens, printers, USBs, and has cared for the reproduction of modules and reviewers used by the students.

CLFI also provides buildings in support for its ALS programs among the classrooms, centers and halls donated by Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation is the Ambassador PJ Lhuillier Lecture Room at the University of the Philippines Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business which serves as a classroom for the degree program’s students. Another is the Ambassador Philippe Jones Lhuillier Conference Room at the De La Salle University in Manila where workshops, meetings, community engagement get-togethers, and symposiums are being held regularly. Also made available to students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines is the PUP-CLFI E-learning center worth 2 million pesos which houses 21 desktop computers and contains 400 select e-book titles all free for use of the students.

Added to the centers and classrooms sponsored by the foundation is the Northern Tacloban City National High School Sports Building which is a two-storey building with six classrooms two of which are dedicated to classes for the Alternative Learning System. Lastly, among the many donations of CLFI as support for education for all, the Edna Lhuillier Multi-Purpose Hall in Bais City, Negros Oriental serves as a library where most of the scholars of CLFI and ALS learners come to conduct research among the numerous book titles available. It is also being used for seminars and workshops involving reformed drug addicts in the city of Bais, as well as a hub for Bais’ senior citizens.

CLFI, in partnership with DepEd aims to unveil 20 more centers so that more out of school youth have access to learning. 

Because of the commitment of CLFI, ALS learners from CLFI-backed classrooms have posted multiple milestones through the years. These include beating the national average of the Accreditation and Equivalency test for two straight years and producing a learner which scored 100% on the 2014 Accreditation and Equivalency test. By end of 2019, the CLFI-backed ALS program has produced close to 10,000 learners nationwide. While in the 2017 Accreditation and Equivalency test, despite the changes in the passing score for ALS A&E test takers, which saw a low turnout of 15.6%, the A&E test takers from Cebuana Lhuillier ALS centers were able to have a turnout of 49% – higher than the national average of 15.6%.

With the rising demands of today, the Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation Inc., with its bold mission of empowering the disadvantaged through giving access to education via its ALS program will surely combat the challenges of a nation gripped by poverty.

3 Reasons to Try Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings

Admittedly I am not into investment and savings how could I even save when I am raising my 2 kids on my own. Then I discovered that there is such a thing as  a Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings account. So here are 3 reasons why It’s worth looking into.

1. The required minimum amount to open an account is only 50. Yes the initial deposit is 50 pesos more affordable than a tall Starbucks drink or a Milktea drink. What’s great about all of this is that there are no transaction fees for cash withdrawal and deposit. The minimum cash deposit is Php 50 while the maximum cash deposit is Php 50,000. For withdrawal transactions, the minimum amount is Php 100 and the maximum amount is Php 5,000.  Okay of course this is not really your typical bank  only three (3) successful transactions per card, per day are allowed.  There is no required maintaining balance for this type of account.

2. Its very easy to open an account. I remember that when I opened a bank account and it was very challenging as they asked for so many things.  You only ned one (1) photo-bearing government-issued ID, and Php50 initial deposit. For the list of valid IDs accepted by Cebuana Lhuillier, please refer to the list below:

  • Alien Certification Of Registration (ACR)
  • Birth Certificate (Applicable to minors only)
  • Barangay Certiifcate or ID (w/ picture and signature)
  • Company ID • Driver’s license • Dswd certificate
  •  GOCC ID (Afp, HDMF-Pagibig, Philhealth etc)
  • GSIS E-Card
  •  IBP (Integrated Bar Of The Philippines)
  • Immigrant Certificate Of Registration
  • National Bureau Of Investigation (NBI) clearance
  •  Nat’l Council For The Welfare Of Disabled Persons
  •  New TIN ID
  • OFW ID
  •  Passport
  • Police clearance
  •  Postal ID
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Senior Citizen’s ID
  •  Social Security System (SSS) ID
  •  Student ID
  •  Voter’s ID
  • Firearm license
  •  Marriage license

3.  Another great thing is that  the Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings account earns interest per annum if the account has an average daily balance of Php 500.  Your deposit is guaranteed safe in your Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings account. Cebuana Lhuillier branch personnel are fully trained and capable of handling finances with utmost care. Your account is also protected by a PIN that will always remain confidential. Also, all Micro Savings accounts are covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).


The Autism Society Philippines (ASP), together with SM Cares, the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of SM Prime Holdings, will hold the annual Angels Walk for Autism on March 3, at the Mall of Asia Arena. Since it began in 2007, the walk continues to advocate for acceptance, accommodation and appreciation of Filipinos with autism towards an Autism-OK Philippines.

This year’s Angels Walk for Autism celebrates our country’s legacy of strong leaders that have brought the autism advocacy forward — for the last 30 years, across 97 chapters, with 13,000 members — and have become the foundation on which the next generation of leaders will build the future.

Hans T. Sy will be honored as the inaugural recipient of the ASP’s Leadership Award for Autism Inclusion and Welfare.  It is the society’s highest recognition, celebrating exemplary leadership that has significant and positive impact on advancing ASP’s vision of acceptance, accommodation and appreciation of persons with autism in an Autism-OK Philippines.  Beyond awareness, Mr. Sy’s leadership has inspired tangible, measurable action through the accomplishments of SM Cares.

“Although many are aware of autism, very few people actually understand what it means to live life on the autism spectrum. SM Cares and ASP come together as a community to remind everyone that autism awareness and acceptance should be part of their everyday lives. Awareness is a good thing, but acceptance is far more meaningful,” said Engr. Bien Mateo, SVP of SM Supermalls and Program Director of SM Cares Program on PWD’s. 

Former President Fidel V. Ramos, who issued EO 711 of 1996, instituting the commemoration of the National Autism Consciousness Week, will be honored by ASP as the Father of the Philippine Autism Advocacy. “FVR’s leadership opened the doors for the government agencies and private institutions to begin the path towards genuine inclusion of persons on the autism spectrum,” shared Mona Magno-Veluz, ASP National President, “His administration’s disabilityinclusive policies have put the Philippines ahead of our ASEAN neighbors in advocating for persons with autism and other invisible disabilities.”

The pre-walk program will be led by Ms. Dang Koe, ASP Chair Emeritus and the inaugural ASEAN Prize Laureate 2018.  The ASEAN Prize aims to recognise inspiring achievements and contributions that foster the ASEAN identity, promote the ASEAN spirit, and champion the ASEAN way.  ASP is among the active movers behind the ASEAN Autism Network and the ASEAN Mapping Project.

ASP will also award the Autism Works Partners of the Year honors to Dohtonbori Philippines, a Japanese casual dining pioneer and to Willis Towers Watson, a global leader in risk management and consultancy, for their unwavering commitment to creation of productive opportunities for jobseekers with autism.

The program will include the presentation of the annual ASP Autism Angel Achievement Awards to Samantha Pia Cabanero (for Advocacy), Eduardo Enrique Munarriz (for Athletics), and Carlo Gregorio Veluz (for Visual Arts). It will also incorporate the induction of the new ASP Board of Trustees, composed of parent advocates; and the first set of officers of the ASP Self-Advocates Circle, composed of adults with autism. The festivities will include acts from special guests and performers on the autism spectrum, and a special presentation on ASP’s milestones since its foundation in 1989.

Over 20,000 participants — families, professionals, supporters from the government and private sectors, from the Philippines and overseas — are expected to join the annual walk from the MOA Arena to the SM MOA Music Hall.  The walk is held with the support of the MOA Arena, SM Mall of Asia, National Council of Disability Affairs, ASEAN Autism Network and the Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability.

The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization working towards an environment that empowers persons with autism spectrum disorder to become the best of their potentials — self-reliant, productive and socially-accepted members of the community. ASP labors to establish institutional mechanisms to support persons with autism and their families. Established in 1989, the organization — composed of 13,000 members spread over 96 chapters — has been in the forefront of providing services to families and individuals affected with autism. 

SM Cares is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of SM Prime Holdings, Inc. Its advocacies include Programs on Persons with Disabilities, Children and Youth, Women and Breastfeeding Mothers, Environment Sustainability, Senior Citizens, and Overseas Filipino Workers (SM Global Pinoy). As a responsible integrated property developer, SM ensures that its CSR programs serve as a catalyst for positive change in the communities that it supports.

Tanduay’s Roots is PH’s First Economic History Museum


The country’s first Museum of Philippine Economic History has recently opened in what was once the Ynchausti Commercial House in Calle Real in Iloilo, home of the company that started what will eventually become the world’s number one rhum, Tanduay.

Before the National Historical Commission restored the building into an economic history museum, it was used as the provincial offices of the Commission on Audit. For the longest time, however, it was known as the Elizalde building.

In 1854, according to local historians, the building was home to a conglomerate Ynchausti y Compania (also Ynchausti y Cia), whose founders were the basques José Joaquin Ynchausti, Joaquin Elizalde and Valentin Teus. They consolidated their companies’ assets including Tanduay. When the Elizaldes bought the Ynchausti shares in 1934, they renamed the company to Elizalde Y Cia.

Other than historical data, the museum showcases many of the important artifacts of companies that thrived in Iloilo, especially during the golden days of the sugar industry. Aside from being one of the oldest companies established in the country, the Tanduay Distillery was featured in the museum because of its huge contribution to the sugarcane industry.

There’s a display of an old Tanduay dama juana; early advertising print ads of Tanduay; tools from the haciendas of Western Visayas’ sugar plantations; looms from the oldest weavers in Miagao, Iloilo; and t’nalak cloth from South Cotabato, among many others.

It is appropriate that these items are housed at the Ynchausti Commercial House, which was built in 1905 and used as a trading store. Like most Spanish colonial houses in the country, it is the typical bahay-na-bato with solid red-brick walls on the first floor and wood panels on the second floor. It also has wide Capiz-shell windows that are a distinct design of old Spanish houses.

“Tanduay has a rich history that started in the island of Negros. As we celebrate the 165th year of Tanduay Distillers this year, we would like to ensure that Tanduay will  always be remembered, especially by the next of generations of Filipinos,” said Lucio K. Tan, Jr., president and chief operating officer, Tanduay Distillers, Inc.  

Incidentally, as part of its anniversary celebration, the Lucio Tan Group-owned Tanduay Distillers, Inc has embarked on the conversion of its distillery in Manila into a museum that will showcase its rich and colorful history. It will likewise give its visitors a multi-sensory experience on how its products are made.

“The Tanduay Museum will be housed at our old office in Quiapo, where Ynchausti Y Cia operated their liquor facility. We plan to restore part of the original building, but since it will be a brand museum, expect that it will have a modern façade and will utilize technology at par with the world’s contemporary museums,” Tan, Jr. revealed.

Tough Mama Cooks: Life Made Simple and Easy

They said, “There’s no other though like mama!” 

“The secret to cooking good food lies only in fresh ingredients and no over seasoning.” Most of all, she taught me that one doesn’t need the most complex equipment in order to produce good food or to run a household.

It is this philosophy of my grandma which inspired them to create TOUGH MAMA, a brand dedicated to delivering first-class yet affordable appliances in the Philippines.

Appliances that are not only made simple and can provide the best value for your hard earned money but can allow you more time to enjoy life with your family. Home to good and cheap appliances in the Philippines, you can be sure that Tough Mama’s offerings are made from premium-quality materials designed to last for a lifetime.

I am sure that they will never carry an appliance they won’t use, that’s their assurance to their consumers

During the event, there’s a cooking demo by Chef Jam Melchor who shares his recipe of Caldereta, Soup and Barbecue using Tough Mama Home Kitchen Appliances. While the Bento Mamas shares their tips and tricks in preparing our kids meal for school by making bento meals.

There are some games like guessing the dish and complete the puzzle. Of course, raffle is one of the most awaiting moment where Tough Mama are giving away cool kitchen appliances.

I was able to see Tough Mama Home and Kitchen Appliances on diplay they showcased their products.A personal favorite is the Multi-functional Cooker that Chef Jam used during the demo. It’s actually 8-in-1 multi-cooker. Here are some of the features:

  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • 8-in-1 functions: Boil
  • Roast, Grill, Fry, Braise, Steam, Slow Cook, Use as Hot Pot
  • Handy, stackable and versatile
  • Energy saving multicooker
  • Uses 50% less energy than induction cooker
  • With 4 temperature settings in 1 control knob
  • Power: 1300W

More about Tough Mama

Tough Mama is the new generation Home and Kitchen Appliances are designed and built to its exciting standards of a modern consumers. It made from a good quality materials and using latest technology. Tough Mama guarantees years of convenience, enjoyment, and trouble-free use with the assurance if safety and energy-efficiency. Their products are priced affordable to make it an essential part of your “smart” modern living.

Why Tough Mama?

  • Its safety-first technology
  • Power-saving applications
  • Outstanding Value and Quality
  • Lifetime Free Service Guarantee

By the way, they have all kinds of home and kitchen appliances that you wish for. From beverage, cooking, breakfast, food preparation, electric and rechargeable fans to garment care and hair tools line. They have huge list of service centers around the Philippines so you don’t have to worry. 

Tough Mama Home and Kitchen Appliances is a brand from Cherenz Global Manufacturing Incorporation. Visit their website at www.toughmamaappliances.com and follow the on Facebook and Instagram at @toughmamaapplia